Alien Conspiracy – Abductions

alien conspiracy, ufo abductions[ad#ad-1]One of the most popular theories of conspiracy, which disturb the sleep of millions of people even today, is the alien conspiracy theory about ufo abductions. Everywhere in the world, the lives of innocent men and women, as it seems, are shaken by unearthling episodes. Suddenly they wake up taken by force from their homes, brought in ships or alien environments where they are raped by creatures from beyond the stars. What makes these incidents is the complete impotence of the victims, who must bear their medical procedures.

Those who investigate alien abductions have tried to classify them, looking for common elements thereof. These abductions are purely physical, those abducted stating that they were sedated and then they watched how they were crippled on an alien ship. Some say they have been pulled directly through solid objects such as walls of houses. Another common method is the bioenergetical extraction: the bioenergy or the conscience of those abducted is extracted from their bodies through an alien technology. Although many ufo abductions have been reported throughout history, it seems that lately they have multiplied.

During the times past, ufo abduction and alien conspiracy theories were one of the most common themes used in horror tales. Some have even tried to make connections between abductions where the authors are fairies and the one committed by the “small greys”, saying that it is one and the same thing. Maybe it is, but only in the sense that our subconscious modernized our nightmares, especially after watching Steven Spielberg’s film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

“The Greys”
“The Greys” is the most common type of aliens mentioned in the alien abductions scenario. Small creatures, with oval-shaped heads and huge black slanting eyes, they underlie many theories of conspiracy. Opinions about their involvement in the abductions from the optimistic hope that they are our own descendants, which returned in time to save the Earth from destruction, to the sinister suspicion that they extract sperm and ovules from people, to save their own race.

USA Government
Majestic 12 – MJ-12 – is a powerful ghost group of the U.S. government, which seems to have collaboration with aliens, allowing them, in exchange for technology, to continue their experiments. This business has helped the construction of some weapons like airplanes B-2 bomber and F-117 hunter. Many of the victims remembered that they saw military personnel and installations, often without seeing aliens. Using authorized tactics of disinformation, this group is discrediting any study of the UFOs or “The Greys”, assuring in this way, the continued abductions, extending the suffering of thousands of people, and being the source of technology compensation for the U.S. government.

After the abduction experience, many victims have discovered that small devices were implanted in their noses and other parts of their body. After these implants are removed by surgeons, their origin is not clearly determined. Metal used in many of these devices is unknown, and their purpose remains an unsolved mystery. They are just tracking devices, or are they more than that ?

Similarities experienced between those abducted; the description of the aliens, the procedures and implants are alarming. Multiplying books, films and reports on this kind of alien abductions makes us think that the truth is ready to come to the surface at any time in the alien conspiracy.

The same phenomenon (alien conspiracy, ufo abduction) took place at the end of the Nineteenth Century, but then the abductions were committed by fairies, not aliens. They were all released on account of folly and paranoia, which was expected in the new century.


2 thoughts on “Alien Conspiracy – Abductions

  1. Kira 07/28/2011, 4:23 am:

    If it was the government, then why would most normal people who have claimed they were abducted say it was different, and why would the government be interested in normal people from little towns and city's, your telling me out of all the billions of Cosmo's, galaxies, possible universes, all that possible life, and you still sit bone idle, and consist on believing that the government are behind most of the worlds courses, there are bigger powerful organization's out there human or non-human who would over run our planet. But no instead they choose to watch us like a T.V Program , wondering how we would evolve, develop, we are an invention, the ultimate entertainment for other life. We have no chance except from continuing to destroy the earth, and alter it we are doing, they like this, they understand, the government are doing nothing because they can't do nothing, except fill us with lies so we believe that it is them behind it. They no too much, and there scared of knowing..

  2. ANON 02/10/2012, 11:02 am:

    people are only scared because they think it might happen to them.