Holy Grail, Holy Blood

holy grail holy blood[ad#ad-1]The legends about King Arthur and the Holy Grail, the cup from which Christ drank from at the Last Supper, took shape in the 16th century. During this time, French and German poets were concerned with the creation of large epic poems based on common issues.

King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table represents a historical period in which the truth is missing; the armor the knights wore was invented a few centuries after. Also, the idea of a shiny gold chalice, with divine powers to save the earth and to raise the dead, is actually a total deviation from the real meaning of the Grail.

The idea of the Holy Grail comes from the willfully wrong way the Church interpreted the root of the word Sangreal. Break the San Greal term, in San Grail or Saint Grail, it becomes clear the idea of the origin of the Holy Grail holy blood.

However, if the term is divided into Sang Real, the true Latin meaning is clear: “Royal Blood”. The Holy blood Grail is neither more nor less than the royal line of descendants of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was not born of a Virgin, but normally. He was saved from the cross by his friends and married to Mary Magdalene. They had three children, a daughter and two sons, and were established in France in exile, far from the Romans. The legend says that when he arrived in England, Joseph of Arimateea brought the Grail with him, and also his nephew, Justus, the biggest son of Jesus. The Jewish royal family, in exile, was related to the local nobility and thus was born the Merovingian dynasty in France. It is even possible that the name of King Arthur to be a nickname: Artos means bear. Arthur was a real warrior who was born from the Merovingians, Bear King and heir of the royal blood.

For centuries, the Holy Grail Holy Blood – The blood of Christ – was sent from Merovingians to the Templars and Crusaders, but also in some descendants of royal feudale Europe, the Stuart family from France, the Sinclair family in Scotland, and in some noble families in Greece and Italy. Interestingly, the Grail heritage is not from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, now known as Windsor, the royal family of Great Britain.

It is assumed that the name of Britain comes from B’rith-ain. Moreover, the idea of Marrie England derives from Holy Mary mother of Jacob, who came to Europe with Mary Magdalene. It was a widespread cult in early Europe better known as Maid Marian and happy boys of Robin Hood. Only a few of these “facts” show us the known extent of the holy bloodline in Britain.

Meonia, the mystic secret order charged with protecting the British Isles, knew the truth about the Grail and manipulated history and the royal dynasty. It is wondered if the organization did not have any mixture in the marriage of Princess Diana with a representative of the Windsor family, even though Diana had links with ancient Meonia.

Undoubtedly, the Church has the most to lose if the Holy Grail holy blood theory becomes known as the descent of Christ. Encouraging romantic interpretation of Saint Grail and permanently suggesting that the birth and death of Jesus was divine miracles keeps its authority as an institution of God. If it is ever found out that the Christian religion was founded on a stick of power from Hebrew kings, it would be the end of the Church.

The long genealogical tree from the Bible is mentioned to prove the descent of Jesus from the royal family of David. The Gospel of Matthew presents the direct line from King David to Jacob, father of Joseph, husband of Mary. The name of Christ denotes the royal status of Jesus and, normally, we should think of him as King Jesus. The whole concept of divine birth and divine inheritance was invented in the fourth century, by the Catholic Church to justify its power, stealing for itself by “God’s Mercy”, the authority of the royal line.

Although the house of Windsor is not the Grail’s heiress, it seems that Princess Diana descended from the Stuart royal house. Although it is said that Queen Elizabeth II is of royal blood and that Diana penetrated her family, the truth is just the reverse: Diana was a descendant of Jesus Christ.