New World Order Conspiracy

new world order conspiracy[ad#ad-1]In society, there is a Kabbalah of people very well organized by world leaders, bankers, businessmen, and religious personalities, who have a vision of a united world. These personalities, along with some strong mystical followers, are the heads of the New World Order conspiracy.

The New World Order has established clearly defined aims. Humanity must be united under one government body, removing the nationalist borders and replacing patriotism with faith in the common duties of humanity. There will be one currency, one language, one system of law and only one race. Religion is another major source of conflict, which will be disbanded.

In the new world order, national armies will be unnecessary and for this reason they will be disbanded too. Since pollution destroys the biosphere, there is a need to reduce the demand for industrial technology and get back to nature. Half of the world’s surface will be given back to nature to save our planet. Universal education, contraception, and certain material incentives will allow the population to be reduced to only two billion, one third of the actual number.

Some believe that the acceptance of the shameless plans of the New World Order only mean the beginning of unimaginable slavery. The truth is that The Order will use any means necessary to attain its goals. The leaders clearly see how society is killing the world and if two thirds of the world population must be slaughtered to save the other third, then it means that two billion people are rescued, and four billion sacrificed to help. The New World Order plans to terrorize crowds in accepting a central government; it is easier than by arguments. The first step is to create an ionosphere of a global network of media, which can be manipulated. Taking into account the development of Internet and satellite communications, this point has been reached. In an attempt to stampede us, The New World Order is directly responsible for both World Wars, of global warming, heroin, cocaine, serial killers, cancer, genetically modified products, television, AIDS, Kurt Cobain, Hiroshima, and all evil in the world. They are ready to kill us, if they must, to save us.

To make the idea of a central government more attractive, The New World Order established the United Nations, a prototype for the planned political structure. Additionally, the world was divided into three power blocks: NATO, the Warsaw Treaty, and SEATO. These blocks are designed to create enough tension to make people wish to merge, showing that states can work in a profitable and successful manner.

In 1776, when Adam Weisshaupt created the Bavarian Illuminati, it was done with the express purpose of taking control of the world. In its typical style, the Illuminati infiltrated into every organization with power, in every state, occupying positions that would allow them to have an absolute world order. When the New World Order conspiracy will have control, the Illuminati will light out as the true masters.

The euro, a pan-European common currency, is another step that clears the way for integration. Despite the radical differences between European economies, it is assumed that a currency with a fixed value is feasible; the move has clearly intended to remove traditional sovereignty. Moreover, the euro is made up of notes and cents, which obviously clears the way for a merger with the dollar at the beginning of the 21st century.

Dr. Johannes Koeppl, former special advisor to the German Ministry of Defense and NATO, has warned that The New World Order conspiracy exists and wants to “take control of the governments of the world”. Koeppl is in a position to know these things and spoke on this subject both in front of the Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Not surprisingly, as soon as Koeppl revealed in public that a “criminal society” is involved in this huge conspiracy to “retrieve, within five years, control of the world”, his political career and press access abruptly ended.

Taking into account that most governments seem to have difficulties in solving their financial problems, it would be amazing if such a group – in which everyone would have their own investments – would organize events in the world at such high levels. If the devil stands behind these things, why would he care if we are one nation or two hundred?


4 thoughts on “New World Order Conspiracy

  1. quess who ? 02/24/2011, 1:48 am:

    so many theories, but 1 thing seems certain, where ever humans are corruption, manipulation, greed and cover ups are certainally happening no doubt marilyn monroe and jfk were killed much for the same reasons as princess diana there are certainally higher powers at work but with the way of the world currently this does not surprise me.

  2. dustyspringfield 03/11/2011, 6:22 pm:

    This is the only one out of all the conspiracies I have ever came upon, that I actually believe. I wish there was some way in which we could rebel, although I see some countries already doing just that, the bastards of the nation are the world leaders and secret agents across the United States and the United Kingdom is the little shadow, trying to get involved. If anyone 'higher' up reads this, which I doubt will happen but just in case: GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

    • Grace 11/10/2011, 7:22 am:

      Sorry, but they already own everything, including this website. As long as you arent an influential public figure swaying the masses not just the fringe against them they shouldn't bother you though, as a waste of resources.

  3. Grace 12/13/2011, 12:15 pm:

    They have no interest in saving us. They create dangers they claim they can save us from because that is the best way to control people, through fear and dependence for safety. All they want is control, you are only of interest as a funny little robot that makes things for them, really.