Robert Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

robert kennedy assassinationAround midnight on June 5th 1968, in the stylish Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles, the atmosphere was magical. Charming, charismatic and idealistic, Senator Robert F. Kennedy had just won the preliminary nomination for California Democrats in the presidential elections. It seemed he had fulfilled the dream of many Americans by reaching the White House, just like his brother, John F. Kennedy did before.

With applause and congratulation from the hotel staff, supporters, and public, Robert F. Kennedy was escorted through the lobby of the hotel by the security team when his dream tragically crumbled under a rain of bullets. The embodiment of hope of many Americans was lying without breath on the floor. This was the Robert Kennedy assassination.
After a brief scuffle with a short man who seemed to have superhuman force, taking the chest of several security agents, the supposed assassin Sirhan Bashira Sirhan was thrown to the floor. At the police station, Sirhan said that he does not remember anything that happened and seemed to have all the symptoms of a man who had been hypnotized.

The investigation undertaken by the police department in Los Angeles established quickly that Sirhan was just another crazy guy – an assassin who planned alone, just like Lee Harvey Oswald. Sirhan was convicted and thrown in jail for the assassination of RFK. From the viewpoint of the authorities, the tragic event was over. As for conspiracy theorists, the Robert Kennedy assassination case was just beginning.

At first glance, the case of the Robert Kennedy assassination seems clear: undeniably, Sirhan was arrested on the spot, with a gun in his hand. However, only this is clear. Sirhan did not have a good position, he was too far away and could not shoot RFK. The senator was shot from the back, but all the witnesses have placed Sirhan in front of his face. All witnesses have placed Sirhan’s gun at a distance of about one meter of Senator Kennedy, but the autopsy established clearly that the senator was shot by a gun held to a maximum of 7 cm from his body.

Many believe the CIA played a role in the Robert Kennedy assassination, surely they would have a reason to be afraid if Robert became president. If RFK reached the White House, he most likely would have started to investigate the death of his brother and could prove that the well-known Warren Commission was just an intelligent built facade and President John F. Kennedy had been removed in what seemed to be a military coup.

When his brother was president, Robert Kennedy occupied the post of general prosecutor and took a successful battle against the Mafia. It is possible that attempts to blackmail him with the affair with Marylin Monroe was not good and reached the conclusion that if Robert F. Kennedy came to White House, there was no way to stop him from continuing to fight more effectively against them. In this situation, the traditional solution of the Mafia is reduced to bullets and assassins.

Kennedy committed to put to an end the war in Vietnam if he became president. The huge profits brought to the military-industrial complex by the Southeast Asia war, could be a motive for its members to do everything possible so RFK would not reach the White House.

Holes left by bullets from a door at the crime scene, documented by photos made by the FBI, clearly show more bullets than would be possible with the weapon that Sirhan shot Kennedy with. Police have never disclosed the explanation of the bullet holes. The door was later destroyed by order of the court, immediately after the conclusion of Sirhan’s trial.

According to the psychological evaluation presented in court, there were moments during the assassination that Sirhan was clearly under hypnosis.

Probably the most difficult conspiracy theory to be skeptical of is when it comes to the RFK assassination, but it would be dangerous to underestimate what a madman can do when he has access to a gun. Especially when an ashamed security system offers the same armed madman the perfect opportunity to shoot a celebrity.


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