Antarctica Conspiracy

antarctica conspiracy, Piri Reis map[ad#ad-2]Antarctica is a dangerous but beautiful place. It is a place of impenetrable mysteries, but perhaps the biggest surprise this continent offers is its population. People think that Antarctica is unoccupied, but this is not entirely true. Conspiracy theorists believe that the truth about the inhabitants of Antarctica is hidden from the public.

The Antarctica conspiracy got contour in 1947, when Admiral Byrd led a military expeditionary corps of more than 10,000 people in Antarctica against a mysterious enemy. Just three months in, after it had suffered heavy losses in the mysterious mission, the expeditionary corps returned. Even after fifty years, it is almost impossible to obtain any information about this unexplained failure of the U.S. Army.

While having discussions related to the identity of the ones that the Admiral Byrd’s people fought with, most conspiracy theorists agree that under Antarctic ice lays vestiges of an advanced civilization, destroyed by a huge disaster. It is assumed that the Nazis accidentally found this civilization and sinister forces are keeping it secret, thus the Antarctica conspiracy.

Antarctica is governed by a treaty signed by several important states, which prevents any use or exploitation of the vast natural resources. Since, in general, our governments do not really care about protecting the environment, this raises many questions. In the Antarctica conspiracy it is suggested that the real purpose of the treaty was to remove the possibility of any commercial organization accidentally discovering the truth, by digging into the first three kilometers of thick ice.

In 1938, Nazi Germany undertook the most extensive research of Antarctica until that time, and claimed it as its own territory, naming it Neuschwabenland. It is known that internal orders of the Nazi Party gave big importance to Antarctica and the Germans occupied it during World War II. In 1946, on the coast of Argentina, German submarines had been seen going towards the ice continent. It is suspected that elements of the German High Command had fled from justice and had found a base among the ruins of the dispersed civilization of Antarctica.

The Jason society was founded by President Nixon in 1973. An occult society, its single purpose was to set up a project called “Secret Earth”, in charge of the exploration of relics from advanced civilizations found in Antarctica and in one or two other locations around the globe. The Jason society was noble in preserving the secrecy of Antarctica. It is said that the purpose of the society was to discover enough things about the now gone “Wise Race” so that we do not have the same fate.

Other suspects in the Antarctica conspiracy are the MJ-12, the Phoenix Project, the national defense of the U.S., the UN, and the Freemasons Kabbalah.

The most amazing proof of this conspiracy theory is the Piri Reis map – a genuine document, which was created in Constantinople in 1513. The map clearly shows not only the west coast of Africa and the east coast of South America, but also the coast without ice of a territory called The Country of Queen Maud.

Antarctica was discovered in 1818, and the amazing accuracy of the Piri Reis map was disclosed only in the 1950s. This is when technology allowed the geologists to see the ground beneath the ice. The map was drawn from older sketches, but nobody can give a convincing explanation of the fact that it presents so many details. There are other similar sketches, which suggests that Antarctica could have been, once, home to a civilization better known as the Atlantis.

bottom of Piri Reis map

The bottom of Piri Reis map

In 1998, a giant 8.1 earthquake was recorded on the Richter Scale. Once this hit the news, the eastern coast of Australia went on a state of alert because authorities feared they could be hit by a huge reflux wave. The police and army stopped the alert when the expected tsunami failed to take place. But the mystery is that there are no tectonic plates at the South Pole- therefore, there is no logical explanation about the cause of an earthquake of such magnitude.

There is very little scientific evidence about Antarctica being clear of ice for a period long enough as to allow the development of a civilization in the past 15 million years. So far, no one has found any archaeological evidence on which to certify that any advanced civilization lived on the continent.


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  1. cayhay101 06/24/2010, 8:23 pm:

    A bit of your info is wrong, there is in fact a techtonic plate in the south pole region. The Antarctic plate is roughly 60,900,000 square kilometers. It is the fifth biggest plate in the world.

  2. drahcir 09/29/2010, 3:39 am:

    There were only 4,000 troops sent on this "high jump" operation with Byrd. Get your facts straight.