The Illuminati Conspiracy

illuminati conspiracyAdam Weishaupt was born in Inglostadt, Germany, on February 6 1748. Educated by Jesuits, in 1775 at the age of 27 he became professor of natural and canon law at Inglostadt University, and was initiated in the Teodor Masonic lodge of the Good Council in Munich in 1777. He decided to establish an enlightened society to fight against injustice on May 1 1776, the “Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria” – popularly known as the Illuminati.

Originally called the “Order of Perfectibility”, its purpose was to allow members to unify and “obtain the highest possible degree of morality and virtue and to lay the foundation for the reform of the world, by unifying the best ones, to fight against the propagation of bad behavior”.

Helped by influential people like Baron von Knigge, Xavier Zwack, and Baron Bassus, the foundation became extremely popular. The Illuminati conspiracy lodges were located in France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. On June 22 1784, Bavarian authorities issued a repressive decree to the Order that was repeated the next year in March and then again in August. That same year, 1785, Weishaupt was kicked out of academia and sent to exile out of Bavaria.

After several attempts to abolish The Order, it began to decline from the public spotlight and entirely disappear by the end of the century. In 1786, authorities made an illegal raid on Xavier Zwack’s house, using documents confiscated to suppress the order.

Many commentators believe this decline never reversed. The British encyclopedia barely mentions the Illuminati. Others believe that the Illuminati were dissolved into Freemasonry, spreading inside like cancer in a healthy body. They believe the Illuminati conspiracy remained in Masonry gathering power and maneuvering the entire order.

In 1906, the British Museum of London received a copy of a manuscript entitled Illuminati Protocols. First copies appear in Bavaria at the end of the 18th century. The copy received by the British Museum was written in Russian. What is interesting is that Adam Smith’s capitalist treaty, Wealth of Nations, as well as the great democratic Treaty of America, the Independence Declaration, were written in 1776. It is suggested that Weishaupt may have been the mysterious man dressed in a black robe who presented the text of the Washington declaration. There was a rumor that the raid made at Zwack’s house happened by accident, because the authorities in 1784 had intercepted a document in which the chief of the French Illuminati branch, Robespierre, was trained on how to “orchestrate” the French Revolution of 1789. Alerts have been ignored, and the Revolution took place as planned.

the illuminati symbols on dollar banknote

To achieve its aim, Masons knew that their real target – the overturning of all governments and world religions, for peace and freedom to rule – was supposed to remain unknown. Thus, in order not to be part of the reprisals and as a way to avoid criticism and exposure, the Masons had created the Illuminati as a shield-organization which takes the blame for any misdeed or obvious shortcoming. A strategy which for at least two centuries had worked great.

In 1902, Freemason William Westcott remembers that he received membership in the “Order of Perfectibility” by Theodore Reuss. Similarly, in 1913, occultist Eliphas Levi made a strong link between the Bavarian Illuminati conspiracy and Freemasonry. On the list of the most important Illuminati members is Marquis de Saint Germain de Constanzo. It may be interesting to learn that the Marquis de Saint Germain, the man suspected in general is thought to be the only immortal on earth. In medieval history, he is said to have appeared as a wizard, alchemist and wise man. Who would be more appropriate to give a helpful hand in setting up the most resounding secret society in the world?
There is no evidence to suggest that the Illuminati conspiracy was more than a secret Bavarian society of short duration.


8 thoughts on “The Illuminati Conspiracy

  1. Marshall 03/21/2011, 8:48 am:

    If that is all true then why havent the american people did somthing about the illuminati, most of us don't care. The united states of america is falling apart peace my peace and all we do is watch it become an overly credited, selfish, stupid, and stuck up. Wake up world and smell the fire smolder

    • Alicia 10/20/2011, 1:20 pm:

      Theyre very meticulous at making sure you only see them the way they want to be seen.

  2. Grace 10/16/2011, 6:26 am:

    Also the Illuminati may cause some of these wars. I am not kidding. When Hitler was young he was in BAVARIA and had an unhealthly interest in secrets and the occult. And look what happened.

    Am I serious here? I am about everything else but you get to decide on this one.

  3. Grace 11/10/2011, 7:17 am:

    These people are infiltrating everything, there is a reason why it is impossible to completely substantiate whether or not they exist because they own the information. They work best when they are a ghost: you can't be sure if they are there, but if they are be afraid and if they aren't you can just go back to sleep. Don't be overparanoid about them, it is too late to negate their influence anyway. They preexisted their Bavarian form, too, and they only have one "ideal": power, the true core of evil is seeking it and seeking to weild it over others. Deciding power is the ultimate goal is the illumination after which they are named.

  4. I fockd al there mot 11/15/2011, 12:48 am:

    fock al them mothers from illuminati I hope they all die they are behind al the bad things what is happening in this world I hope they all get cancer or aids

  5. Dredd 11/21/2011, 11:58 am:

    Could someone explain to me why the illuminati would be a ''bad'' thing? Isn't it stated in this article that the illuminati wish to bring about a ''world government'' so as to achieve world peace? When you think about it, the illuminati would be acting for the greater good. And i'm sorry, but… an immortal man? Wouldn't this be an iconic way of illustrating a man that is wise? I don't think an actual ''immortal man'' could exist.

    • Grace 12/05/2011, 12:25 pm:

      They only work for their own good. And the reason why you think a world government would not be bad is because they already have manipulated you through your education and the media. You are a thinking person, but you are only thinking by their program.
      A world government would mean everyone would be the same because by definition it would eliminate any diversity and mean everyone is tyrannized by the same people. Knowlege is not wisdom, as you yourself have just illustrated by what you said.

  6. Anonyme 03/08/2012, 8:07 am:

    The “Illuminati” are also behind the 2012 Olympics Games, many people are saying that a nuclear bomb will crash on London. There was a movie where we can see this nuclear bomb crashing on London, the movie is to show what is going to happen in the futur. During this movie, there were many Illuminati symbolisms (Eye Seeing All, Pyramid, 666…). You can notice that the spotlights of the 2012 Olympics Games are pyramides ! Anyway, i hope that i’m wrong. (I live right next to London !!)