Malcolm X Assassination Conspiracy

malcolm x assassinatedMalcolm X assassinated! If you were a controversial political figure in 1960’s in America, it was very likely you would end up in a rain of bullets. Malcolm X, the fiery leader of the Afro-American Organization Unity, who had outraged the world of white people in America with his speeches on racial issues, was the victim because of the threat posed by the power of his beliefs.

Malcolm X was born in 1925, named Malcolm Little. His father, who was a Baptist minister, was killed six years later by white racists, and the family was divided and the children were given to care. Although he was a brilliant student, his dream of becoming a lawyer was shattered when a professor explained that he was just a “nigger” and that it would be better to be a carpenter instead. Disappointed by the education, he began to commit small crimes. While he was jailed for robbery, Little started to read about the Islam Nation. Its beliefs regarding the independence of black and the need for a racial classification arouse his curiosity, and in 1952, when he was released, he entered in the Nation Islam. He gave up his last name because it was a sign of slavery, replacing it with a simple “X”.

Malcolm X had been raised fast in the ranks of the Nation, becoming the spokesperson of the organization. But after the heated comments about the assassination of Kennedy, his boss, Elijah Muhammed suspended him. Malcolm took advantage of this to establish his own organization and, when the suspension was over did not return to Nation.

If Martin Luther King Jr. believed in nonviolence and the integration of black man in a white America, Malcolm X disturbed the white people society saying that Negroes were superior in all points of view. He traveled the world, holding speeches in the Middle East and winning support for an UN motion in which South Africa and the U.S. were convicted of violating human rights by the way they treat black people. These beliefs had made Malcolm X many enemies. Their hatred reached its climax on February 21th 1965 in the Audubon Ballroom in New York.

At the beginning of the meeting, in the front of the scene Malcolm X spoke on a fight. While trying to calm spirits, a group of five assassins rose from their public seats and shot him. Malcolm X died a short time after, another character disappearing from the leaders which threaten the system in the 1960’s.

Although there was a hospital opposite the Audubon Ballroom, a half an hour passed before a rescue team arrived.

Malcolm X assassinated – J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBU unmanly not trust Malcolm X, because he represented a force that didn’t have anything in common with his vision about America. A counter intelligence program developed, sponsored by the FBI, to prevent a “black Messiah” like Malcolm X from unify the emancipation moves of black people. As Malcolm X brought more and more with Martin Luther King, the FBI may have decided that X’s murder was the only way to stop the formation of a unified front of the black population.

Malcolm X assassinated – The prospect of a UN motion where the U.S. and South Africa would be convicted of violating the human rights, seemed very close. This would have been embarrassing to the U.S. By assassinating most ferocious supporter of the motion, Malcolm X, the U.S. could then get rid of the problem. On the 13th of March 1965, Leon Ameer, a member of the Unity Organization of Afro-Americans, said he had evidence that Malcolm X assassination had links with the government.

In the U.S., if you’re black and talk about human rights, then you are a radical who’s asking to be shot. If you are white, you are backer of humanitarian causes. You do not need to appeal to a conspiracy to explain this awful truth.


7 thoughts on “Malcolm X Assassination Conspiracy

  1. Sara 07/05/2009, 8:37 am:

    Malcolm X's murder was carried out by members of the Nation of Islam but the assassination was planned and put into effect by the government.

  2. Redskins2156 01/27/2010, 5:16 am:

    Somewhat agree with sara on this one. But the "nation of Islam" is a group created by the government to make muslims look bad, similar to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

  3. Ed 03/14/2010, 3:17 am:

    There was a collective effort between the Nation of Islam and our government to assassinate Malcolm X. Brother Malcolm had upset many within the Nation of Islam with his public comments about the assassination of President Kennedy (calling it chickens comming home to roost) and his investigation into the sexual infidelities of The Honorable Elija Muhammed. After his suspension, Malcolm realized that Elija was not a true prophet and that the nation was morally bankrupt under his leadership. Our government, especially the FBI, was well aware of the rift that existed between Malcolm and the Nation of Islam but they refused to intervene because with Malcolm out of the picture, the nonviolent and the violent movements would not be able to come together and form a much more formidable opponent against the government with regard to human/equal rights for African-Americans.

  4. Anthony 07/15/2010, 9:42 am:

    El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) was assassinated on directive of the FBI working in collusion with the NOI. He was a natural born leader, very influential and eloquent in speech and demeanor. The Government did not want him starting up his new organization and attracting not only the radicals but also everyday folks would start listening to this reformed (after pilgrimage to Mecca) man. Malcolm presented a threat to the NOI because individuals would flock to Malcolm and the NOI would eventually had been exposed. The Government does not want any one man being powerful enough to rally people behind a cause and change the course of a nation, they'd rather they be dead. We need more leaders like W.E.B. Dubois, B.T. Washington, Medgar Evers, Elmer Pratt, King, Malcolm, and so on. People who will fight for the weak, defenseless, poor, and meek, and not so much as blink in the direction of a bribe. People who not succumb too politics and government. People who will not pretend to have a peoples best interest at heart while the whole time being controlled by the powers that be. I drifted from the topic, that's because we still have a long journey ahead of us.

  5. Russell Brooks 10/11/2010, 9:08 am:

    Malcolm X was a radical until he made his pilgramage to Mecca. While he was there he saw blonde-haired, blued-eyed Muslims who were not racist and did not judge people by the color of their skin. This was different from the ones that he saw in the United States. From being around other Muslims in Mecca he saw a different side to Caucasians and thus became less radical.

    While he was a member of the Nation of Islam he was a very influential figure, in fact, more so than Elijah Muhammad. He got a lot of press that when he returned from Mecca, people were still listnening to him, even when his views had become less radical.

    J Edgar Hoover still would not have been satisfied that a third African-American movement was starting. And there was no doubt that the FBI knew about the plot to assassinate him, and the let it happen.

    The NOI could've been involved in killing him but the governement (CIA and FBI) definitely don't have their hands clean with regards to the plot.

  6. tam rus 02/12/2011, 9:14 am:

    I just watch the Malcom X movie. I am so glad that Malcom changed his view about white people. I am an african american myself and I am very disturbed about some of the things that has happen to poeple of my color. But to believe that all white are devils is insane. God loves all people. white black green and blue. I am glad that Malcom realized this before his death. I thank God for grace and mercy which he has given Malcom and myself. I just hope that one day we can can truly get away for this race battle that is still being fault amoung people of my color. I pray that all wake up and realize that when you have God on your side he will protect you from all evil. Whether it comes from white or black people.

  7. Dutch 04/21/2011, 8:44 am:

    This country is totally against the improvement of african americans. As long as we sit around quietly, we are allowed to be safe. If we speak up against the wrong doings we have endured for centuries, we are a risk to the greater good. We never asked to be here. Everytime a black man speaks out and gets others to follow his cause, he gets wiped out. Malcolm, Martin, even Tupac. As long as "niggers" keep quiet, or follow the "rules", we are safe. Otherwise, we are the true definition of an endangered species.