Microwave Mind Control

microwave mind controlThere are many published studies on the use and effects of microwave radiation in the military, especially about the physiological and psychological effects on people. The U.S. Government has often stated that the Soviet Union and the KGB have done this kind of research. There is evidence that the CIA also has investigated this area since the Pandora Project, in the 1950s. The results obtained by the CIA have also been shared with the NSA and the Energy Department.

[ad#ad-1]Part of this research was done at the Walter Reed Army Institute Research facility (WRAIR). In 1973, researchers made an amazing discovery: that microwave signals may be pulsed so as to stimulate the internal ear to receive simulated audio signals, which doubles the sound of uttered words. Doing it in the way that snail cells (in the internal ear) vibrate in the proper form, the microwave audiogram can be transmitted directly to the nervous system that deals with hearing. The effect is the scary feeling when you hear imaginary voices.

In the Electric Body, Dr. Robert Becker and Gary Seldon stressed the potential use of such weapons: “Obviously, this device can be used in covering operations … [can be] designed to get a target going crazy, with <>, or to provide to an programmed assassin instructions that can not be detected”. This research has continued and there are many scientific papers describing the work, such as those of professor James Lin, from the Bioenergy Faculty, University of Illinois.

WRAIR focused on the effects that high power microwave mind control radiations have on some living targets, and sent military items relating to microwave mind control weapons (also known as MW). What’s worse is that a psychiatrist of the Army, attached to the medical department of WRAIR, suggested that the institute is likely to do without anyone’s permission, experiments with induction of the MW audiogram (making the target hear voices) on some of its older patients. The former deputy director of the CIA, Ray Cline, still active in the information community, is the president of GSC (Great Strategy Council), an American organization that discusses military strategies. In 1991, GSC published a White Paper which were described internal and external uses for a series of microwave mind control devices. Officially, the army classifies such weapons as “unconventional”. Vernon Shisler, director of the U.S. military to NATO for unconventional weapons, acknowledged that different forms of weapons with directional energy can be found at the Defense Department. Many people think they are the target of such non-fatal attacks. Often seen by the government with a general subversive or indifference, they think they have been taken as guinea pigs, because in general, the state is suspicious about their motives. Also, when choosing such people to do experiments, they actually shoot two birds with one stone.

Many of the campaigns of harassment or other actions attributed to MW research systems are very much like those committed by the CIA during the MK-ULTRA and MHCHAOS timeframe. With the fall of the USSR, the KGB no longer represents a threat so the CIA headed their attention to the “endangerment” of civil rights and liberties.

Since there is evidence of CIA operations in terms of experiments on the American people, rules have been laid down that put some limits to the experiments undertaken by the CIA and the Army. Monitoring and gathering information about U.S. citizens was forbidden. Any experiment done on an unwilling subject was forbidden. In 1992, a subcommittee of the Senate complained about the tendency of the Defense Department to cover its activities behind several organizations. These organizations do not give explanations in front of Congress. Worse, they are tacitly authorized to act with the authority of the intelligence agency, but they are not subject to the same rules, this being the reason they exist.

It has been told that microwave mind control weapons are tested in harassment campaigns aimed to destabilize the physical state of the targets. The influence of microwaves to exercise greater power over an under pressure target, when harassed is possible. The American Electronic Surveillance Project, established to monitor and where possible to neutralize harassment of civilians, keeps in touch with many individuals harassed in this way. Victims present a wide range of disorders, including sudden and unexplained hostility from the once friendly neighbors, uncaused hostility, small robberies, frail health, lack of sleep, vandalism of property and hostility from the authorities, such as police, doctors and lawyers.

Sometimes paranoia is just paranoia. The media has often says that using tinfoil hats can defeat the mind control weapons.


One thought on “Microwave Mind Control

  1. Gabby 05/13/2010, 7:44 am:

    Tinfoil hats will totally work because they'll deflect the microwaves, but they would need to completely encircle the cranium, probably including even the eyeballs. I would wait until there is conclusive evidence on the usage of microwaves before wearing mine, and even then would move away from where people are. After all, the people who are being mind controlled would know that you knew!

    Then again, maybe those who are being mind controlled are spreading a lie that tinfoil hats will deflect microwaves in order to lull us into a false sense of security, thinking we have the means to safeguard our minds, so we won’t warn others about it as quickly and urgently as we should. Just a thought!