Marilyn Monroe: Death of a Goddess

marilyn monroe death conspiracyMarilyn Monroe Death.

[ad#ad-1]On May 19th 1962, President John F. Kennedy celebrated his birthday in public at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York. At a party full of celebrities, more than 15,000 people had seen Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK with her sensual voice that has since become a mainstay in American pop culture history.

Just a few months later, on August 4th 1962, the 36 year young woman named Norma Jean Mortenson, more famously known as Marilyn Monroe, was found dead naked between two silk sheets. On the bathroom table was an empty tube of strong sedatives. Marilyn Monroe was a true Hollywood legend and the first sex symbol of the modern world, but in the shadow of her legend stands a tragic story of a tormented soul. She was addicted to alcohol, which she used to heal suffering caused by abuse from the famous, powerful men in her life. All of this had pointed to evidence that the super-star had committed suicide.

But some have always felt that the suicide of Marilyn was a bit “too clean” and well-timed. JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, the Mafia, CIA and the FBI – all had reasons to silence her. The best method of not being found for a crime is to make it look like either an accident or a suicide. The conspiracy theorists have never believed that Marilyn Monroe took her life intentionally or accidentally. The amazing thing is that almost all those who believe in the Marilyn Monroe death conspiracy agree on one thing: That if she was killed, it was probably done while restrained with pillows and injected in the leg with sedatives.

After her death, it was discovered that Marilyn was the mistress of both John and Bobby Kennedy and that the CIA and FBI had kept her under surveillance. They had considered her a possible threat to national safety but also a risk factor for the president’s reputation. Considering the government’s involvement in the star’s life and the assumptions that evidence of the last days of her life were modified, a plot does not seem totally devoid of credibility. The CIA had held Marilyn under supervision because the statute of JFK’s mistress meant that she knew things which could be turned into a possible threat to national security.

After sharing the same bed with the president, RFK’s prosecutor, and various members of the Mafia, including Sam Giancana, Monroe knew things that could destroy the most powerful group of people in the U.S. When she was not needed anymore, at the end of the Robert F. Kennedy affair, it is possible that the Mafia had viewed her as a dangerous spy that needed to be removed.

Marilyn tried blackmailing RFK to continue their relationship, and it is possible that she dared to blackmail JFK, by threatening to reveal that he became president only with the help of Chicago gangsters. J. Edgard Hoover, the FBI chief, was not a friend of the Kennedy family, but considered himself a true patriot and might have been happy to solve the problems with the Marilyn Monroe death in order to save the nation from a scandal. Once the arrangements for her death were made, he could have also controlled the Kennedy brothers by forcing them to maintain him as chief of the Bureau, effectively making his own private police department.

In recent years, legal documents have surfaced revealing the Kennedy family promised to open a $600,000 deposit in the name of Marilyn Monroe, for her mother Gladys Baker. This was to be done if she kept silent on the connection between JFK and Mafia boss Sam Giancana. After Marilyn Monroe’s death, the commitment appeared to be withdrawn and all references to it were hidden. These documents have become the subject of a fierce battle through the courts in the United States. Debates still occur on their authenticity. However, all tests carried out on paper, ink, and signatures show that the documents are valid. It is the strongest evidence about the possibility that the Kennedy family had a role in the death of the star.

There are many rumors and additional evidence that show the recent visitors Marilyn received prior to her death were Bobby Kennedy and actor Peter Lawford, who was married to Pat Kennedy Lawford, therefore making him apart of the Kennedy clan. Kennedy and Lawford were accompanied by a third man, dressed in black, who carried something like a medical kit. The identity of this mysterious person could be a vital clue if someone were to investigate the mystery behind Monroe’s death.

When it comes to Marilyn Monroe death, it is easy to create links between miscellaneous occurences. Affairs with the most important state officials and links with Mafia are all are significant, but that does not mean that there was foul play. In August of 1962, Monroe was an alcoholic and had mental problems during that stage of her life. It would not be surprising if this was an accidental overdose of drugs or a deliberate act of suicide. The screen goddess took a legendary aura and it is possible that conspiracy theories are an inevitable extension of the hollywoodian myth, which does not disappear just because the star has disappeared – Marilyn Monroe death.


2 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe: Death of a Goddess

  1. Steve 11/17/2010, 5:51 am:

    Marilyn was killed because she was too close to the Kennedy's and was considered a national security risk. She possibly had threatened to expose facts that would not only embarrass the Kennedy family but would severely cripple JFK's and brother Bobby's political power. Though, I do not believe JFK or Bobby had her killed, I believe somebody over national security, high up in the shadows of government, made that decision.

    A year later, JFK would be killed in retaliation for Monroe's death by the mafia. It was discovered after Marilyn's death that she had also been very close with mafia boss, Sam Gioncona, who had help Kennedy clinch a tight election by ensuring the Chicago vote. With out this help it is believe that Kennedy would not have become President.

  2. Cheripie 04/20/2011, 4:34 pm:

    There are so many untrue things in this article that it would take a month to refute them all.

    *Marilyn met JFK exactly twice and did not have a 'relationship' with him. This is a rumor that was started by virulent anti-Communist Frank Capell in 1964.

    *Marilyn did not threaten to blackmail or hold a press conference or tell state secrets, that bit of fiction was made up by known liar and conman Robert Slatzer in 1974 to tell his book. He later made a career out of blatanly lying about Monroe.

    *The 'documents' you speak of, the Cusack Papers, were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a forgery, the most expensive authentication fraud in US history.

    *Marilyn never met Giancana

    *NO ONE thinks she was injected in the leg, I'm not sure where you pulled that out of, but her autopsy reveals no needle marks and coroner Thomas Noguchi famously went over her body with a magnifying glass to make sure of it.

    *Marilyn was not a junkie or recreational drug user, she ONLY used doctor prescribed pills to treat insomnia and anxiety. She was also not an alcholic, toxicology reports prove that there was no alcohol in her when she died.

    Seriously, do at least a semblance of fact checking.