Vatican Conspiracy

Vatican Conspiracy[ad#ad-2]Vatican Conspiracy – The Roman Catholic’s heart can be found in the Vatican, the sumptuous house of the Pope who is the spiritual leader of all Roman Catholics in the world. The Holy See, Vatican is surrounded by a city which is an independent papal state in Rome and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic religion. It lies on an area of 44 hectares, with a population estimated at around 850 people. The Vatican is fully independent from Italy, with its own currency exchange, its own radio station, and police department.

But even institutions that seem the most pure can be corrupted by the taste of power. Exerting a double power of tradition and religion on the millions of Roman Catholics around the world, it is possible that the organization inside the Vatican has been blinded by it, poisoning the spiritual atmosphere with nothing more than pure human greed. Because of the power and riches that the Vatican has gathered along the centuries, the political intrigues are inevitable and may be complicating the needs of caring for common people.

Few can tell what secrets the Holy See are hiding, but as the Vatican continues to display an image of unselfish goodwill, it is possible that an obscure foundation does exist which even members of the Holy See are not aware of.

Vatican conspiracy – Pope John Paul I apparently died in bed reading newspapers about connections between the Mafia and the Vatican. When he was found, the newspapers disappeared. Moreover, he was not issued a public death certificate. John Paul was embalmed only 12 hours after he was found dead, even though Italian law says 24 hours must pass.

The Mafia has long been suspected as playing a key role in many aspects of the Vatican. After the death of Pope John Paul I, the alleged influence was carefully studied. Dressing the pontificate mantle, more than likely the popular Pope began to explore deeper layers of the corruption inside the Vatican. This would include direct links with mafia gangs through the Vatican Bank. To stop him from taking measures to put an end to corruption, it is possible that the Mafia and its people inside killed the Pope.

Vatican conspiracy – John Paul I started to change the Catholic faith by allowing birth control and taking steps to redistribute some of the huge wealth of the Church. These two moves were sufficient to dissatisfy the conservatives and some members of the Holy See. After he was found dead in his bed on September 28th 1978, a new Pope was elected. A Pope that not surprisingly, was far more conservative than his predecessor.

But the Vatican conspiracy was not over with the death of Pope John Paul I. For his successor there have been two attempts of assassination, showing worrisome links with Stasi, secret police of East Germany. In 1998, a member of the Swiss Guard had killed his superior and his wife. The Vatican considered it an unfortunate case of insanity about the one killed. Alois Esterman said he had connections with the Stasi. Even more interesting is that, in 1981, he saved the Pope by blocking the beating havoc. Was Easterman killed by the Vatican – or someone who had been involved in the assassination attempt to try to prevent the embarrassing links becoming public?

For more than 500 years, the Pope applicants had to pass the Sella Stercoraria tests. In this somewhat embarrassing ritual, the candidates are forced to sit on a chair and have their genital organs examined to determine if they were really men. Only after are all the candidates allowed to become Pope.

Jesus once explained the connection between the rich and entry to heaven. Given the Vatican’s wealth, from libraries to banks, and the treasures hidden in its vaults, they apparently missed some classes from Sunday School.


3 thoughts on “Vatican Conspiracy

  1. Gabby 05/26/2010, 7:09 am:

    Of course there must be conspiracies in the Catholic church! It is a huge institution that has been around for thousands of years. It was once one of the most powerful forces in the world and still retains a great deal of power over people's minds and beliefs. It has a great deal of intrest in maintaining an unchanging religious status quo, so of course it has to keep some things out of the public eye and prevent the occurence of certain things within the church. This article neglected to mention secret documents in the Vatican that no one has access to. How can you not mention secret documents? Duh, it has to be another conspiracy theory.

    PS I'm not a Catholic hater I attended a Catholic school.

  2. catholic truth 10/25/2010, 10:24 am:

    the vatican is still the most powerfull and rich country in the world they are the same as any other nation, religion is just another form of control meant to destroy your soul not grow it, look at your selves Half of you sheep probably think its ok to kill someone from another religion just because they don't see as you do. religion destroys your soul, government destroys your freedom and doctors are destroying your health,

    love your self and love others more especially the ones that make it hard too, thats the true way back to the lord, thats your true path home. that is the only truth, every thing else is a lie.

  3. Gabby 11/01/2010, 8:50 am:

    I believe in disorganized religion. I believe in God,but when you get people into any kind of hierarchy things, many of them important, become warped, people fight and die, money becomes involved, and all in all its no wonder why many people are disgusted with"religion" Why cant people just find the truth for themselves, without having others tell you what it is without proof? I for one am for independence in everything, including faith