Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracy

Kurt Cobain Death.

On April 8 1994 at 8.40 AM, an electrician who came to check the electrical network of a luxury villa in Seattle found the lifeless body of Kurt Cobain. A bullet to the head killed him. Near the body was a box of drugs, burnt spoons, and syringes. A rifle was found on his chest, along with a goodbye note in the room. Is this a clear case of suicide? According to local law enforcement, it is. However, conspiracy theorists were hardly satisfied with the superficial investigations of the Seattle Police, and the media frenzy that followed after the announcement of the premature death of Cobain continues to sizzle even today.

At 27, singer and composer of the band Nirvana, Cobain was an internationally acclaimed rock star and the perfect representation of “Generation X”. Fans do not see him like any other star; for them he was a leader and hero. His funeral turned Seattle into a transit city and sympathetic suicides were recorded all over the world. Cobain died when he was on top of success. His music excited and inspired millions of people worldwide. This incredible success brought him the unwanted status of being the spokesman for the grunge rock movement and a whole generation.

For Kurt Cobain, punk-rock and drugs provided a way to escape. Cobain, who had great self-constrain, didn’t seem like the person to see death as the solution for the pain and the depression that haunted his youth. Although it was widely known that Cobain was a man with problems, many people find it hard to believe that he would kill himself. But conspiracy theories of his death are widespread, and his compact disks continue to sell.

The common thread of these conspiracy assumptions is that, despite his poor physical condition (illustrated by the fact that he was on the brink of death after an overdose of heroin taken one month before, in a hotel in Rome), Cobain had started to put his life in order and began thinking of some positive changes. These are well known facts. The divorce from rock star Courtney Love and the battle for custody of their daughter was not exactly easy. But Cobain was not a coward by any means. He had proven in the past that he was a man, building his own path to world recognition. Many of those who studied his case believe that sinister forces in Seattle lead him to his premature end. These beliefs have given birth to some disturbing questions related to the alleged suicide and the death of Kurt Cobain.

On Easter day, Sunday April 3rd 1994, Courtney Love called Tom Grant from California. The day before, Cobain climbed over the wall of the Exodus detox clinic and went back by plane to Seattle. Although her husband intended to kill himself, and had one month prior almost died from an overdose, Love decided not to personally go to Seattle herself. Instead, she assigned Grant to find Cobain with a striking and enigmatic expression: “Save the American idol, Tom!” Grant looked for Cobain at the villa in Seattle on April 7, at 2.45 AM and again at 9.45 PM. He didn’t find the body that lay hidden in the greenhouse above the garage, but it was discovered the next day. Kurt Cobain was dead.

kurt cobain death conspiracyTom Grant, the one that Love had paid for seven months to investigate Kurt Cobain’s death, is one of the many who think Cobain was killed by someone close to him. Many theorists believe that it was a family member, a close friend, or an employee. Rumors say that the rock star thought more about leaving the music industry than leaving this world, and Cobain dead is worth much more in terms of records sales than he could ever make if he were alive. Theorists say an idol that is no longer interested in a musical career is a motive. With millions of dollars being made in the music game, the Kurt Cobain death could be considered more like a Cobain retirement.

Evidence at the crime scene raises questions regarding the possibility that Kurt Cobain didn’t commit suicide. One of his credit cards was missing and someone tried to use it before his body was discovered, and also after the autopsy investigations were published. There weren’t any fingerprints, nor were there any gun powder on the gun, which suggests that it had been wiped clean. Cobain’s body was also found with an extremely high level of heroin, which means that it would be pretty hard for him to pull the trigger. The “suicidal” note explained why he left the music industry. Many handwriting and typographical experts think that someone else, and not Cobain, had added the last four rows in the letter about his wife and his daughter.

It was reported that in Cobain’s greenhouse was found a “dream machine” – a machine for trance induction, built from a bulb, a stereo, and a cardboard cylinder. Brion Gysin, friend and collaborator of writer William S. Burroughs had created the “dream machine”. A group self titled “friends who understand Kurt” mentioned that incidents had been recorded before where the “dream machine” was associated with suicide.

Cobain was a deeply disturbed man, addicted to drugs and interested in firearms. Is it really so hard to understand that Cobain took his own life? Taking into account that had been photographed with a gun in his mouth, the fact that one day he would pull the trigger is not the most unbelievable story.


4 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracy

  1. justin 09/29/2010, 2:58 pm:

    could it be possible that the drummer of Nirvana, Dave Grohl, killed Cobain? I mean, Cobain was killed, and then the drummer, which is not the most popular role and was also given little recognition in Nirvana, goes on to be the guitarist and vocalist for theFoo Fighters, which has a similar playing style to Nirvana's. It just seems like Grohl benefited tremendously from this death…

  2. Suckafish 12/08/2010, 2:18 pm:

    Do you think that possibly that loose canon of a wife Courtney may have had the man that was about to leave her, the only person that could even stand to be near her, killed?

    He trusted that dope head psycho…and look where it took him!

  3. Selina 01/11/2011, 5:22 pm:

    Also, it was a shotgun that had killed him, and with the shotgun he had, it was along barrel and the only way he could shoot himself with that gun was with his toes, and he had his shoes on when they found him, and the clean gun? with Love sending some one to find him? sound suspicious? and with the custody of the child being up there? c'mon now

  4. ivy82 12/01/2011, 7:42 pm:

    and not to mention the second suicide note that appeared a couple of days after Tom Grant searched Loves home