In Lies we Trust: The AIDS Conspiracy

[ad#ad-1]The AIDS Conspiracy isn’t as well-known as other conspiracies, like the assassination of JFK for example, but it’s still just as important. The conspiracy begins with one simple question: Could AIDS be the perfect biological weapon?

The cause of AIDS is the HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), discovered by Dr. Robert Gallo in 1984. Of course, there’s even a conspiracy regarding this discovery (Dr. Gallo was accused of stealing the research results from a French team of scientists) but we’ll talk about that another day.

Let’s get back to the AIDS conspiracy. According to the authors of “The 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time”, the first charge of conspiracy regarding AIDS came out in the Patriot, an Indian newspaper from New Delhi. The article from July 4th, 1984 quoted an official report by the US Army regarding “natural and artificial influences on the human immune system”. The Indian newspaper wrote that scientists from Fort Detrick (the army’s biological weapons research lab until 1969) ventured into Africa’s depths searching for a “strong virus that can’t be found in Europe and Asia”. The data gathered from the research was analyzed at Fort Detrick, and the result was: “an isolated virus that causes AIDS”.

The US government shot back quickly, stating that the article was just a communist ploy by the URSS. A cartoon was published in a newspaper that showed a doctor standing on corpses and distributing containers of AIDS to a US Army general. As you would expect, the US wasn’t happy.

Hiv - AIDS conspiracy theory

Science serving the war?

Made in USA

Jacob Segal, a biology professor at Humboldt University in Germany, is among the first scientists convinced that the AIDS virus was created at the Fort Detrick lab. Together with his wife, Lilli Segal, he published the results of his research, in 1986, called “AIDS – Born in the USA”. He proposed that by splicing together two viruses, Visna and HTLV-1, the HIV virus was engineered at the US military lab at Fort Detrick.

Science serving the war

According to Wolfgang Eggert, a German historian, both AIDS and SARS are biological weapons invented in American laboratories in order to exterminate human beings. The claims in his book – “Die geplanten Seuchen – Aids, Sars und die militärische Genforschung” – are incredible. In 1969, the American Defense Department asked the senate for a 10 billon dollar grant for researching a new virus that would be capable of destroying the human immune system and against whom would be no antidote. “Possession of this kind of biological weapon would give the U.S. absolute military supremacy”, said the Deputy Director of Research at the Pentagon.

What is hiding behind the AIDS conspiracy?

Some say the U.S government targeted homosexuals and Africans through mass infections guised as vaccinations, under the pretext of protecting them from other diseases.

AIDS conspiracy and Religion

The Rev. Jerry Falwell famously argued that AIDS is a plague sent by God to punish homosexuals and American society for tolerating homosexuality. Jerry Thacker, the publisher of Today’s Christian Teen and other Christian magazines, has also called AIDS a “gay plague” and referred to homosexuality as “the death style.” In 2003, the Bush administration nominated Thacker to serve on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS. He withdrew his name under pressure from gay rights groups and Democrats.

In December 2009, the OMS published new reports regarding AIDS. Globally, the infected number of people is near 33 million.

Why is this theory deemed paranoia by the media and the AIDS establishment? Is there a scientific conspiracy to get scientists off the hook by blaming monkeys in the bush, and gays and Africans, for the millions of death brought about by the “introduction” of HIV into the world population?

Of course there is. That’s why the AIDS conspiracy is one of the greatest ever told.

Was AIDS a disease created in a laboratory specifically designed to target an undesirable element of society? You decide.


2 thoughts on “In Lies we Trust: The AIDS Conspiracy

  1. Catherine 02/19/2011, 10:56 am:

    If you were going to develop a biological weapon then surely you would want to have more control over it. It seems to me that the global spread of HIV/AIDS is too random, it doesn't target specific races, sexes or ages. So either its a naturally occuring virus or it was created by scientists and was exposed to the general population by mistake before it was fine tuned for use as a weapon

    • Lenoir 12/14/2011, 3:37 am:

      I think you're right catherine, but there's still a possibility that it was developed but now not finished jet or out of control, or even tested on the world before getting the virus that they want, the development can take decades….