The War against Freedom – Human Biochip Implant

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” – Optimus Prime – “Tranformers Movie”

If freedom is the right of all Sentient beings, why is the government trying to take away this right? The answer is control. If they can monitor every aspect of your life, they eventually control you. If they can control everything in your life, you can’t be disobedient. But how can they do this? Well, now, in our modern world, the answer is simple: Human biochip implants, or micro-chipping.

It first started back in 1983 and was used for monitoring fisheries. Today, the biochip implant is used in over 300 zoos, in pets, used for electronic horse branding, monitoring lab animals, tracking endangered wildlife, automobiles, etc. and since 2004 even HUMANS.

VeriChip is the first human biochip implant approved by the FDA. VeriChip is a human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. The VeriChip microchip implants company is known as PositiveID (PSID).

verichip human biochip implant

VeriChip - The human biochip implant

What is the VeriChip RFID implant used for?

Biochip implants were first created for identity verification purposes, like assisting people with Alzheimer disease and tracking children. If someone had an implanted biochip, they could simply wave their hand and identification data and medical records could be retrieved. So, this sounds like a good thing. But what is the problem?

The problem arises when it comes to privacy. Many privacy advocates warn of potential abuse by governments, leading to an increased loss of civil liberties and freedom. Some want to replace cash and credit cards with the VeriChip human biochip, so if you don’t get micro-chipped, you won’t be able to buy or sell anything.

Another problem with the human-implantable RFID microchip is the security. Anyone using a VeriChip reader will be able to read your implant because the data must be in unencrypted format. The VeriChip cannot be set up to allow only authorized people to read it.

With the monitoring technologies available these days, and with the help of the human biochip implant, isn’t it unrealistic to think that the government won’t be watching you?

Human micro-chipping is already in progress. Some employers have made the VeriChip mandatory for their employees. Millions of military personnel around the world have been micro-chipped for “security reasons”. Millions of domestic animals have been micro-chipped for “security reasons”. Countless numbers of innocent civilians have been covertly micro-chipped against their will by their governments during routine operations for “security reasons”. Fundamentalist politicians and government representatives are increasingly suggesting that all the prisoners should be micro-chipped for “security reasons”. The same “Mindless Fundamentalists” are suggesting that laws must be implemented enforcing the mandatory micro-chipping of all new-born babies… for the same damn “security reasons”.

Who’s next?

You will probably begin to hear more and more about the human biochip implant. You will hear about how it is a useful tool in sharing medical information and how a human microchip is good for helping health care providers in emergency situations. Be skeptical. This product will be advertised and promoted in the best possible light, but it will be used for it’s dark side. Big companies want big profit, and governments want control.

Don’t be a slave. Don’t get micro-chipped.


9 thoughts on “The War against Freedom – Human Biochip Implant

  1. Savant 05/10/2010, 3:54 am:

    My own personal estimate of the number of Americans that have been covertly implanted with RFID Microchips, would be in to the millions.

    Various Government agencies have been implanting Americans for over 30 years covertly.

  2. Gabby 05/13/2010, 7:36 am:

    This ties in perfectly to Biblical prophecies of the end of the age. a one world government/treaty will come into play. People not against the Antichrist will somehow be marked, and people who don't have the mark will not be allowed to buy or sell. That means that as soon as there is a one world govt/ treaty and microchip news comes out buy supplies so you can grow your own food because the chip will mark you for destruction.

    • diane ramos 11/08/2011, 1:36 pm:

      god said i am the word and the word is in me, we are living in the end of times and if you don;t know the word you can be deceived jesus said knock and i shall open, do not wait until it is to late accept him in to your heart today, don't wait until it is to late

  3. Vincent George 09/12/2010, 9:52 pm:

    Dear Sir,

    My Name is VincentGeorge, an engineering graduate from Bangalore, aged 45 years, I am married and have a 14 year old son. I have something to share with you which i am experiencing, I was in the united states during 1997-98, during this time some group of people used to follow me where ever I go infact the same group of people used to stay in the same hotel which i used to stay. my work involved too much of travelling depending about the project. i was working as a consultant for a software firm called Sahana Enterprise INC, which is a indian firm Located at Dallas(Texas), they have a company in Bangalore the name is Novell Team and the owners name is MalliSubbiah, who is now operating from bangalore.

    During this time at one instant when i was in the hotel i had slept for nearly 24 hours during this time i dont know what happened, from the next day onwards I started listening to voices in my ears, some group of people conversing with me, they could sense my thoughts and converse with me, it was really surprising to me. infact i told so many of my friends about this but no one believed me. but i was mentally and physically alright. I was scared and returned back to india for a 15 day vacation. while i was travelling in the flight the same group followed me uptil bangalore and after i reached bangalore i went to my house and i dont know where they went, i was infact scared to ask them why they were following. but sensing my thoughts and conversing with me was still there.

    during my stay in bangalore there was a continous phone call to my residence as to come to virginia MCI metro as there is some urgent work. i was not prepared to go back but then the middle agent was forcing me to come urgently. after i went there the same group of people was there in that new project, i was not dare enough to ask them who they were.

    Later I realised that they have implanted a bio chip into my body and sensing my thoughts and conversing with me, I was not given any work at the work spot but they were conversing with me remotely and also they started controlling every part of my organ both voluntary and involuntary organs, i became too scared and i wanted to return back to bangalore(India), with in one month i returned back to india even while coming the same group followed me in the flight i came to india on july17th july 1998 after which i did not go to any country.

    but till today that same conversing and torturing my body did not stop i have been suffering from 13 years from this problem, they are controlling every part of my body right from head till the toe, giving me severe pains and they threaten me of dire consequences if i tell this to anybody. I am basically a courageous guy just because of that i am still surviving, if any body were to be in my place they would have either become mentally retarded or committed suicide. they are not letting to do my normal work and interfering in all my activities and torturing, they can torture any part of my body by giving severe pains in any part of my body, they can blind eyes, make the ear deaf, severe pain in the head, they can pierce, poke and give pain to any part of the body, including sexual organs, they can control sleep and read dreams, they can brain wash and make lose memory, they can control metabolic activities in a body, they can paralyse hands and limbs, they say they can even see what I see through my eyes, I myself cant believe it, but I am experiencing this torture since 13 long years, they threaten me,they say they have invested lot of money in this research , and they expect me not to tell this out to anybody, all which I mentioned is a fact which is happening to me they have spoilt my whole life by torturing me and used me as a tool for their research and test. I am very sure these group is in bangalore and operating from here remotely, they talk to me in my ears clearly from a remote source, they threaten me that they will kidnap me and my family members if i dont heed to their request, they say they have very big network all over india and world so that they can perform any illegal activity, they also tap my telephone both my mobile and landline, they are able to interrupt and disconnect the calls, at one instant they interrupted and disconnected my outgoing and incoming calls 12 times continously after speaking in my ears, they say their network is so strong in india that they can do anything here in india,they say they can tap any telephone network with the device they have, all that they need is the telephone Number of the person. They say they can interrupt any electronic network remotely which is connected via satellite. They say they have placed a bio chip in my body and they are able to read my mind remotely and control my whole body remotely. I have lots of supporting documents which I have downloaded from the Net, where such things are existing in the U.S .which i can produce when required where such illegal activities are still happening in the U.S. they target the Asian community for their research purpose, this is a serious matter which has to be investigated, otherwise there will be lot of such cases will happen in india by the Americans. they take indians for granted. the group of people who converse from a remote source are americans and two of them are indians one lady and one guy. they say mallisubiah is the person who act as a agent to supply candidates to them in the pretext of giving employment to them in the united states. and also i was given to understand that mallisubiah who is the owner of NovellTeam located on BTMlayout Bangalore has provided the infrastructure and all the requirements in Bangalore.

    Dear Sir, this has to be really taken seriously if left unnoticed there will be lot of such cases and illegal activities which will happen in our country by americans and foriegners, please do not take it lightly, I would like to meet you in person as soon as possible to explain you in detail.I will be grateful if you can provide me your valuable time to avoid such crime in the future.

    Thanks and Regards

    Vincent George

    Mob: 9844110637/9243716192

    No. 22 "E" Street,

    Coles Road Cross,

    Cleveland Town,


  4. Jay 02/16/2011, 8:41 am:

    The Goverment lies and conceals facts that they think the Public either dont NEED, or wouldnt WANT to know, like the other side of the story in wars, they manipulate the newspaper to make it seem like we have done no wrong, to help suppress any chance of supporting/crossing sides because of semantics, or feeling unnessacery guilt, because of what has been done to 'protect your safety'

    But secret mind control chips, I cant imagine it. I can accept that billionaires, powerful people in the government ect can have extensive power over people, If you have seen the TV show Sanctuary, you can see how powerful a few rich people, sponsoring the Cabal (a organisation who does scientific research on 'abnormals', which are offshoots of evolution) become. They get so powerful that they can basically ignore most of the Governments laws and act as they please to humans and 'abnormals' alike.

    So i can understand how a few select and rich people can GET power, but really. Thinking that they have the power to SOMEHOW get a device, into your body, without it being detectable, interferable or discovered, without surgery or your knowledge, is pretty farfetched, don't ya think?



  5. sean 02/22/2011, 5:57 am:


    Vincent is correct about everything. A biochip was implanted in my brain during a visit to the dentist. I was put to sleep against my will and Verichip (which is now positive ID) implanted a biochip through my sinuses and connected it to my brain in March of 2007. I have the biochip implant image on a MRI disc, but I can't find a doctor who doesn't take what they have to offer in place of upholding the Hippocratic Oath.

    Since I asked the Center for Constitutional Rights and Justice for help in pressing charges against Verichip Corporation's and Digital Angel Corporations' board of directors for torture, they went into murder mode. The people who carry out the executions are the worst. The rest are a bunch of sneaks and cowards.

    Sean Pendergrast

    414 berkshire ave.

    apt. 8

    springfield, ma 01109


  6. DR Randolph 09/19/2011, 7:05 pm:

    VINCENT (is this an Indian name?)

    ***This will take care of that chip – You need to get yourself the strongest hand held voltage tazer and have your wife or who ever you trust zap you for at least one minuet. Yes this will hurt and have a ice cold bath ready because if you pass-out they need to put you in the bath tub to help revive you. I am not talking about killing you, so don't think I am crazy you really need to do this. I have a hard time imagining that you haven't on some level already thought about something like this or had not came up with it on the internet these last 14 years, Really? I thought that this type of ignorance was a America monopoly and now believe it is spreading rapidly all over the globe.

    I being a Doctor have came across similar devices (Military in origin) that are hooked into the central nervous systems and when we professionals find these we will not even say a thing to the patient in that they would want it removed and I can tell you there is no way a doctor will do this it would be his or her license to do this very tricky operation in that it has been in there and is sort of integrated meaning you go cutting it out you are going to paralyze someone and our insurance or the hospital we work in will never allow it. So Mums the word. You need to short circuit this device! Good Luck and Have a energized day.

  7. Mizz Sue 10/17/2011, 3:27 pm:

    for those thinking they cant force you to get the implant, know they are doing it through vaccinations. you will probably not even know its there until its time to activate it. there is a video from bill gates saying the best way to gain control of the world is to vaccinate them. that will cause depopulation and thats a great thing. be very careful when getting flu shots or vaccinations. the chip is very small and you wont know its there. ask questions!! the Bible says in the last days many will be fooled by false prophets His saints should endure til the end even to the death of it. others beware for the martial law and new world order. Yes, i am scared for those days however God is with me, in me, and for me…everything He has spoken shall come to pass God bless everyone!!

  8. Rosemarie c. Romero 08/25/2012, 1:26 pm:

    All is true, it is happening here in the United States. People microchiping people without their consent, are attacker. They are paid well. For few people who will go out there and take them off are few. Doctors have contact with major companies to keep it quiet. Intel is involved, the make the chip and have their own scientist to do the dirty work and experiment. The problem is that there are people that do not understand science and are just plain evil are using this for their enjoyment and killing people in the process of it. The equipment to do this got in the wrong hands and are the ones doing the killing.
    There is tons of money paid out to do it. Even if it means traveling as long as it pays there bills and become wealthy.
    They have no compassion or empathy for their individual and have to hunting for heads and body.