Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

#10: World Domination of Alien Lizards Conspiracy

reptilian humanoid

David Icke, a well known conspiracy theorist, claims that Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and many other world leaders are not humans. Instead, they are 2 meter-tall blood drinking, shape shifting reptilians, originating from Alpha Draconis; a star system in the Draco constellation. According to Icke, the 9/11 September attacks was one of their conspiracies to enslave the population of Earth.


#9: Area 51 Cover-up Conspiracy

Area 51 Conspiracy

Bizarre activities, top-secret aircraft research, and unusual phenomena are just a few reasons from a long list that make Area 51 one of the most popular cover-up conspiracy theories of all time. Theorists claim this as the place where the army hid alien bodies after the 1947 Roswell crash. They also say it is where alien technology is studied (also called reverse engineering), where scientists try to develop new weapons, aircraft, and technology from the materials salvaged from the alien spaceship. The U.S. government continues to deny its existence.


#8: Elvis Presley Death Conspiracy

Elvis Presley conspiracy

Many people believe “the King” didn’t die in 1977; he escaped fame by faking his death. One fact that supports this theory is the misspelling of his name engraved on his tombstone. The inscription spells ‘Aron’ instead of ‘Aaron’, his real middle name. Moreover, newspaper articles oddly continued to cover Elvis Presley’s life after 1977, stating that his real death was not until 1990.


#7: The Story of Jesus Conspiracy

Jesus conspiracy

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code is a book written on this Jesus conspiracy. It states that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and had children that emigrated to the South of France where they intermarried with other noble families to create the dynasty that is known today as the Merovingians. It claims that a secret society called the ‘Priory of Sion’ is protecting this secret with their lives.


#6: The Attack on Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

Movie scene from Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor conspiracy states that the U.S. government knew Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor in advance but refused to do anything about it. The U.S. allowed the attack to happen in order to give them motive to fight Japan and enter World War 2.


#5: The Moon Landing Conspiracy

moon landing conspiracy

The controversial waving flag

An event that was supposed to be one of the most important events in human history, the moon landing, has turned into one of the most debated conspiracy theories of all time. This theory states the Apollo mission and moon landing were faked by NASA in a movie studio.

The conspiracy surfaced after close examination of the photos taken by NASA, finding such irregularities as higher-than expected picture quality, the absence of stars in the moon’s sky, the absence of a blast crater from the shuttle, and the waving of the American flag despite the fact that there is no wind on the moon.


#4: Princess Diana Death Conspiracy

Princess Diana Conspiracy

The car in which princess Diana and Dodi Fayed lost their lives - AP Photo

Despite the lack of evidence of a murder plot against the Princess, many people believe Diana’s death was planned. It is said that the British Secret Service did not agree with Diana’s relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, considering it a threat to the monarchy. Surveys show most United Kingdom and Arabic populations believe Princess Diana was a victim of murder.


#3: The Roswell Crash Cover-up Conspiracy

1947 Roswell Crash

Does the government hide the truth about the crash at Roswell?

The U.S. Army claims a top-secret research balloon crashed, but many believe that actually something else happened: The crash of an alien spaceship.

Since the 1947 Roswell incident, UFO researchers have interviewed hundreds of people that claim to have in some way been affiliated with those events. For decades, the U.S. government has been keeping files pertaining to this incident top-secret.

The ‘Majestic 12′, one of the most controversial documents from the 1947 Roswell incident, supposedly came to light due to leaked information from an insider. According to the document, the government covered up the crash and recovered a lot of unknown materials, and even alien bodies… some of which were still alive.

Many years after the incident a Roswell Army Air Field Public Affairs officer by the name of Walter Haut claimed that he saw the alien spaceship and alien bodies. He died 3 years after this confession.


#2: The JFK Assassination Conspiracy

JFK assassination conspiracy

A few minutes before John F. Kennedy was assassinated

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. The investigation of the murder was carried out by the Warren Commission. In September 1964, the commission reported their findings: Acting alone, and with no help from others, Texas School Book Depository employee Lee Harvey Oswald fired the bullet that killed JFK.

However, the investigation was not conclusive. It held many discrepancies, and as a result of the evidence not matching perfectly, conspiracy theories continue to surround the assassination. Most of these conspiracies accuse other parties responsible for the murder. The CIA, the Federal Reserve, the FBI, and the Mafia are only a short list of organizations accused for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.


#1: The Illuminati and New World Order Conspiracy

the Illuminati - New World Order Conspiracy

Many historical events are said to be the work of organizations known as the Illuminati and New World Order. The goal of these societies is to unify all governments into a single world government that will rule mankind.

The members of these societies are powerful, wealthy, influential, and conspiracy theorists see the signs of the New World Order everywhere: hidden messages on the $1 dollar bill, pentagrams in city building designs, and in the facade of world organizations such as the EU and World Bank.


20 thoughts on “Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

  1. agent726194 11/01/2010, 8:43 am:

    There are definitely aliens, I know this because I am one. We are not reptilian, or green for that matter, and we are infiltrating your planet. Dont worry, we arent planning on taking over, we are just doing a little harmless research and then we will move back out. And dont flatter yourselves, humans, we arent researching you, we are studying the highest form of life on your planet. Well, most of us arent, but I am studying the threshholds of what various beings will believe, so if you will comment and tell me what you think of this it would be most helpful. Consider this, however, am I an alien studying this, or a human? And am I studying this, or just posting on a whim?

    • imanalien 12/02/2010, 10:29 am:

      Yes, i am also an alien and plan on taking over the world.

      I will now place a jihad on you all…


      Now you will all be a reptile, like me.

    • Tyler Peters 12/09/2010, 3:24 am:

      dude i dont really believe ur shit but if it is true that u are a reptillian what are u doing in bohemian grove then huh what about david icke is he a traitor of ur race or just a nut how about u talk to me and begin to contraverse

    • Arthur Dent 11/16/2011, 12:10 am:

      Damn mice, the answer you're looking for is 42

    • Jos 12/06/2011, 5:11 pm:

      Consider this, Earth is not a fun place to be right now. Humans waste and consume at an alarming rate. Even Stone Henge had to be closed in 1978 to protect the restroation from human damage. We are petty people who need to do alot of growing up. We need compasion and understanding to repair the damage done. If your an alien, tell your leaders to teach your people better than this, if your a human, posting on a whim you know this already..

  2. chow 11/13/2010, 10:03 am:

    You missed the conspiracies abwt 2pac my main nigga's death. yo

  3. StuDenT 360 01/11/2011, 1:18 pm:

    Although.. the moon lnding conspiracy is Compeatly FALSE based on the simple fact that from imensely strong telescopes… YOU CAN SEE WHERE THEY LANDED from earth. Sorry but it is true.

    • Jonas Grumby 02/16/2011, 7:07 am:

      The moon landings are real, but it's what they don't want you to see that is the real issue. The same goes for Mars and Venus as well. As a U.S. Government employee I can say, look at the pictures taken of the Cydinia Mensae Mesa area on Mars and judge for yourself. "They Are Artificial." Artificial struectures are on the dark side of the moon as well. Look for the truth for yourself and you will find it!

      Jonas Grumby


  4. Joseph Rupp 02/26/2011, 2:09 pm:

    For the moon landing, Neil Armstrong is holding onto the flag, which is what gives it the ripples.

  5. StuDenT 360 03/01/2011, 2:33 pm:

    I do not doubt that the government/society is hiding things from the public, why else would I even bother with a site like this, I just disagree with the theory that the ENTIRE moon landing was a hoax. They obviously did actualy land on the moon, there is proof of that, and there are definatly actual conspiracies to hide the truth of how it all happened.

  6. ByteBandit 03/11/2011, 10:54 am:

    I firmly believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. But I think he just beat the mafia to the punch.

  7. Thaddeusmnky 03/17/2011, 6:12 am:

    I don't disbelieve the existence of aliens but I would like some more proof of their existence and question how they would be higher beings unless they were from planets closer to the center of the universe as if we are going to believe in aliens then obviously evolution is proven to a degree and how would a planet that has existed for a shorter time then ours develop quicker? Another thing is that if they exist why is it that we were capable of capturing a civilian of a land that had the technology to transport him x number of lightyears and live yet they weren't capable of handling an atmospheric entrance without crashing and being captured. How come when they crashed they did not cloak themselves or anything? Another thing, how do aliens keep that long of an attention span towards getting to our particular planet? Just some questions.

  8. Jessie 04/24/2011, 9:59 pm:

    I was at Elvis' funeral. I touched his face.

    It was him. I promise.

  9. Galundruxgongraphur 08/20/2011, 9:18 am:

    Our galaxy is billions of eons older than yours. We could end your whole race with what would seem to you no more than a wish. This is a warning to those of you that hunt us or want to expose our existence, just sit back, relax and let us do our jobs. There are things on your earth far more worthy of our study and protection than such simple creatures as yourself. Even your language is so backwards and primitiv we can bearly chomprehend it and it is a great struggle for us to lower ourself enough to be able to write you this message. Do not presue this further or we will be forced to exterminate you.

    • Jonny Dade 11/11/2011, 5:22 am:

      Tell me you're joking, jeeez, how pathetic.

      • Jonny Dade 11/11/2011, 5:25 am:

        Primitive langauge? Is that some lame excuse for not being able to spell? Go back to school… take off the tin foil hat….

  10. Grace 10/16/2011, 6:44 am:

    On Jesus Conspiracy

    Mary Magdalene may have been married to one of Jesus's brothers, after all he had four. This could have cause the obvious air of scandal in some old documents, since men werent suppose to travel around with their brother's wives, and Mary followed Jesus everywhere. Early Christians greeted each other with a non-sexual holy kiss, look it up. Need for cover up- Mary Jesus's mom was supposed to be a virgin, MM had too many ties to that lie as well as being a too powerful woman in the early chuch, so they had to keep her down.

    This is just my writer brain working, I dont have any definitive evidence but thats the point of a conspiracy theory, but she was a disciple, and the best one.

  11. UMO YOUNG 11/10/2011, 8:56 pm:


  12. ANON 02/10/2012, 11:35 am:

    There was only one Elvis. Elvis Presley was king, Always will be. R.I.P

  13. TRUTH 02/20/2012, 10:47 am:

    One of the biggest illuminati companies out there is RHK Productions. Do your research. RHK stands for Ra-Hoor-Khut, a prominent figure in Illuminati symbolism. Check out their Facebook page, which clearly idolizes the RHK symbol. Also, the CEO has an “all seeing eye” tattooed on his chest. Check out his FB photos. Coincidentally, he also wrote a mystifying book called “2012” which is full of encrypted messages and symbolism. Don’t be fooled. For a company that just recently came into existence, and two years later is raking in millions, with national and global influence, doesn’t this ring of illuminati ties? Wake up!