Halliburton Oil Spill Conspiracy

[ad#ad-1]On April 20th of 2010, the worst oil spill accident in the history of mankind occured after the explosion of a Deepwater oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Causes for the disaster were hastily sought and drug out, the most popular being that the explosion resulted from a sea-floor oil gusher. The media quickly moved the conversation of the Spill to cleanup recoveries, without properly examining all of the evidence of what caused the blast in the first place.

Oil Spill Halliburton Conspiracy

Only 11 days before the disaster, the Halliburton company bought an oil-spill cleanup business that made hundreds of thousands of dollars cleaning and assisting oil recovery sites. It is believed by a large number of people that the Deepwater oil rig was purposefully sabotaged by Halliburton in order to scoop up profit from the dirty seas. Even as early as the construction phase of the rig was in development, Halliburton could have had a hand in its future demise. The company was responsible for doing cement work on the well, which then busted when a strong gusher came up from below the depths seafloor.

If Halliburton is a company that wants to make money, it knows how to do it. Not only did it make money constructing the well, but it also made money with its destruction. Halliburton could have sought to maximize profits by building a weak structure that was sure to break under any amount of significant stress, and then get paid to clean up the spill when it happened.

Knowing the history of Halliburton, one would not be surprised that such a company could be involved in such a plot. It is a tragedy when 11 people die and thousands of animals are killed. It is murder when preventions are intentionally ignored to seek earnings.

Sabotage of US Shrimping Industry

A former worker at Halliburton was interviewed shortly after the events took place and gave some damaging evidence that suggests the company was in on the spill for financial gain. “They could have stopped it the first day”, he stated. He was concerned a gripe between Halliburton and the shrimping industry caused the disregard of all shrimp farmers and marine life in the region. In regard to the oil spill, priority was maximizing revenue, not cleaning and restoring the area to its former status.

Record Revenue and Profits

Facts speak for themselves. Halliburton’s profit soared during the spill, jumping an unbelievable 83% in second quarter alone. Revenue increased 26% from the year before. While the rest of the world was in mourning over the disruption and destruction of wildlife in the area, Halliburton was laughing all the way to the bank.

Who is to blame?

Depending on the news source, responsibility of the accident falls on everyone from BP executives to North Korean operatives. We may never who is really to blame for the oil rig blast, but perhaps the higher-ups at Halliburton do..