Buy Some Moon Real Estate Before It Is Too Late

Moon living

Could Moon living be right for you? Thanks to WilWheaton @ flickr

I am a sucker for any kind of conspiracy theory, it has to be said. I can handle all the information about Elvis, JFK and Michael Jackson which you care to throw at me. And I might even throw some of my own around in the next few weeks.


Buildings on the Moon

However, I have to confess that my favorite conspiracies are the ones which get a little less press coverage and leave me scratching my head wondering why they aren’t on everyone’s lips. My top example of this is the moon buildings conspiracy. Maybe you’ve heard of it already, but I don’t think that it has received the coverage it deserves yet.

I first heard about the possibility of there being buildings on the Moon when a friend brought back a DVD of an apparently respected Spanish investigative journalist called J.J. Benitez. It showed supposed footage of the first astronauts making giant leaps for mankind, wandering around what looked like a reasonable sized settlement on the Moon. The first time I watched the video, I was
Moon buildings

Are there really Moon buildings? thanks to Penguinbush @ flickr

blown away, but when I looked online the debate about whether the U.S. government had covered up this video was pretty limited.

So is it true? There are rumors that astronauts have talked of seeing 7 story-high buildings while circling the Moon but the actual photos and videos which we can see on the internet are pretty inconclusive. As is normal with conspiracy theories, people on both sides of the divide get pretty excited about defending their point of view.

The best thing you can do to make your mind up is to check out the videos on YouTube and see what you think, unless you happen to know an astronaut you can ask, that is. Although, if you like the look of any of the buildings then be sure to put in a bid before the price of moon real estate goes sky high..