Did Hitler Escape from the Bunker?

Adolf Hitler

Did Adolf Hitler live after WWII ended?

Here’s a little tester for you. You are a member of the Russian army advancing through the destroyed city of Berlin. You get to the bunker of the world’s most wanted man and one of the most notorious war criminals and dictators in the history of the world and find him dead, having committed suicide. So what do you do?

If the official story is to be believed then Adolf Hitler shot himself in his bunker and his remains were then burned. The Russians arrived on the scene and buried the Nazi leader in a location which has never been revealed. So is this what really happened?

Gone to the Moon or Antarctic?

The most common conspiracy theory about Hitler used to be that he was still alive. As he would now be over 120 years old that is increasingly unlikely, although there is the possibility that he lived to an old age having escaped the Allied forces in the confusion of the aftermath of WWII. There are three top destinations usually given for Hitler’s escape; Argentina, the South Pole and, bizarrely, the Moon. South America is where a lot of top Nazis fled and seems the most likely of the three, but could one of the most recognizable men in the world have lived decades there without being noticed? After all, many of his war cronies were captured there.

However, we need to remember that the German leader had resources available to him to give him a make over more radical than you are likely to see on any TV program these days. Could he have had such a different new look given to him that he lived out his life as a South American pig farmer or something similar?

It is also said that the Germans spent a lot of time sending equipment to the Antarctic, stories that Hitler built a palace there in a hidden hill which has never been discovered.

Hitler dummy

Did the Nazi leader live to see this Hitler dummy?

The facts are these:

  • No body has ever been officially presented.
  • Only the Russians claim to have seen him dead.
  • Joseph Stalin and Dwight Eisenhower are reported as saying he never died.