18th Century Secret Society Book Decrypted

A sample of the secret book's text.

The Copiale Cipher, a 105-page enciphered book dated 1866, has finally been cracked using modern science techniques and algorithms.

Its decipherment brings to light an 18th century secret German society named the “Oculist Order”. The book describes the initiation process, with the master and the applicant having specific gestures and lines to say to each other when first meeting.

The 75,000 character manuscript is hand-written and bound in green and gold brocade paper. The document is completely encoded and includes Roman, Greek, and obscure abstract symbols.

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The document’s writings outline the various rules of the organization and how to induct new recruits. The approach is similar to Freemason occultism, leading many to believe that the two secret societies are related.

The book has crazy instructions and rituals that involve eyes. Members are instructed to touch the left eye with their right hand, and undergo an eye exam. The applicant is told to stare at a blank piece of paper for some time, declare he can’t read it, put on glasses, and declare he can’t read it again.

Care to examine it yourself? Browse the original scanned document online and view the translated pdf.


2 thoughts on “18th Century Secret Society Book Decrypted

  1. Austin 10/26/2011, 1:07 am:

    I wonder if it is still around, or what happened to it

  2. Grace 12/07/2011, 12:10 pm:

    Interesting that they are the oculist order. Ocula means eye, and it is a major symbol of the Illuminati, because they purport to see and know everything involved with power that goes on in the world. And their eye is the left eye. Perhaps them, or maybe just an offshoot by someone who wishes to emulate them, which is more likely. Also, a lot of their stuff looks like alchemy symbols