Diana: Did the Queen Kill the Mother of the Anti Christ Because of Her Unborn Muslim Baby?

The sad fate of Princess Diana holds many theories.

Hers is an everyday tale of a direct descendant of Jesus who was pushed into a loveless marriage with a dim witted Prince, gave birth to the Anti Christ, tried to kill herself, lost her husband to a woman who is uglier than a big bag of rotten turnips, went to war with the Royal family, became pregnant with a Muslim baby by the son of the owner of Harrods, and was spectacularly bumped off by the Queen in a Paris traffic accident. Phew, and I thought my life was complicated!

You have all heard of Princess Diana’s death, and it can be put in a simple formula: Princess Di + Muslim lover + (French chauffeur + drink + drugs) + high speed + mysterious white car + reckless paparazzi = a dead ex-Princess.

Ulterior motives surround the tragedy. Did the head of the British monarchy intend to have her killed because she was soon to deliver a Muslim son or daughter who would be half-brother or sister to the future King (and Anti Christ)? No evidence backs the claim of her pregnancy, although this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the case.

Lady Di

Was Diana killed by the Queen? Ghosh30@flickr

Another plausible motivation for murder could have been the fear of Diana’s huge popularity. Her “Queen of Hearts” title showed her as a person loved by all, and her heart-warming TV interviews, charity work, and “common touch” with the people set her up as a genuine threat to the UK Royal family, whom she had gone head to head with in the years leading up to the controversial accident.

Put it this way, if there had been a popular vote just before her death, what would the loyal British subjects have gone for; the old Queen and dippy Prince Charles, or the “Queen of Hearts” and her dashing son? (did I mention that he is the anti-….well, you know). It doesn’t take a genius to see that Diana was on the verge of causing serious damage to the Saxe – Coburg and Gotha dynasty. Do you think this could have been enough reason to carry out the astonishingly high risk tactic of killing her on the French streets?