Did iPhone 5 Kill Steve Jobs?

After a long fight with cancer, Apple founder Steve Jobs has died. His death coincides with the unexpected news that iPhone 5’s original release date has been scrapped and set for another year. In its place will be the iPhone 4S, nothing more than a tweaked version of iPhone 4.

The decision to change its standard upgrade cycle perplexed both critics and Apple enthusiasts alike. People that have been holding out on buying a phone to wait for the new iPhone 5 are angry for waiting for nothing. The release date debacle clearly shows Apple’s calm surface hides rough waters brewing underneath. Because it is unlikely that a company would intentionally set out to upset its consumer base, we can surmise that whatever caused the phone’s release date to be pushed back was not what Apple had in the books.

Apple chose to hold onto the information about the iPhone 5 delay for as long as it could, only announcing news of the change right before the company was to prepare for its release. What was going on behind the scenes during this time, and who was in charge of making the decisions?

It is possible that Steve Jobs was under a tremendous amount of stress to get the iPhone 5 released on schedule. This stress could have been the tipping point that led to his death, weakening his body enough for the cancer to move in.

There is no dispute that leaders work tirelessly to keep schedules, and Steve was as big a leader as they come.


3 thoughts on “Did iPhone 5 Kill Steve Jobs?

  1. Ali 10/05/2011, 11:38 pm:

    Best to my knowledge, Apple never used the term iPhone 5, that was something from the rumor-mill. It was Chinese part manufacturers that first alerted us that Apple was ordering parts (such as a higher quality camera lens) that were not for their currently released items. We, assumed the new device was going to be named iPhone 5. They haven't scrapped anything, we just assumed wrong on the name. It is after all, a new device being released with a twice as powerful processor.

    The iPhone 4S announcement reminds me of the iPhone 3GS release. There's nothing unprecedented about it at all. Not sure if any company has a "standard upgrade cycle." You just release what you want when you want and hopefully people will buy it. The environment is better off the longer Apple waits between big releases, if you ask me.

    That said, I'm sure his role at Apple was stressful, and wasn't helping his health condition.

  2. Liam1694u 10/06/2011, 2:24 am:

    The 4s doesn't diverge from the standard upgrade cycle. The only thing different was a delay of a few months. If the 4s was released in July nobody would be complaining that it's not the 5.

    iPhone 3G – iPhone 3GS – iPhone 4 – iPhone ….4S

    I don't see the break from tradition.

    The 4S wasn't made for us here in the US. It was made for the global market. I suspect the 5 will be released mid next year, just in time for the 20-24 month required waiting period most carriers have before upgrading. Most iPhone 4 owners aren't eligible for an upgrade yet, so why release the 5.

    • iPhoney 10/12/2011, 1:39 pm:

      What happened to the iPhone 1s then?