Don’t Fly to Denver…Ever

Denver Airport

Strange happenings at Denver Airport

Why does Denver International Airport have such a bizarre number of myths? Let’s check out some of the facts and see the perils of traveling there.


Death by Mustang

The Mustang is a famous sculpture at the airport by Luis JimĂ©nez. A 32 foot tall beast with red shining eyes, its unlucky reputation was cemented when the head fell and severed an artery in the artist’s leg just after finishing the job.


Devil Worship

The large number of phallic symbols and murals in Denver Airport aren’t there purely to amuse and titillate the exhausted air traveler. They are placed to accustom the public to devil worship.



Enjoy the art at Denver International Airport

Home of the New World Order

People say the airport is shaped like a swastika; it has strange words engraved on the walls and floors, and there are secret underground dungeons!

But let’s look again. There is no logical reason for the unusual shape of the place, but when viewed on Google Maps, I don’t exactly see a swastika. The mysterious writing is Navajo, not Nazi. The art is to show the hope of society living in a peaceful future. The famous underground chambers are said to be for transporting baggage.

These explanations seem reasonable enough, but if an organization were to build torture chambers under a busy airport, they would at least use the simple excuse that they were to move luggage about, wouldn’t they?


The Verdict

To me it’s just an airport with some unusual art and an awkward design, but I won’t be flying to Denver anytime soon…just in case.