Dumbing Down Society by Food and Medicine

The Dumbing Down of Society in Food

The conspiracy of dumbing down society on food

Could it be true that the elite is dumbing down society through the use of food and medicine? The elite not only control the food and medicine industry, but they also allow government to tolerate and implement laws dumbing down people on physical, emotional, and mental levels, in order to control the population and reduce it by 80-90%.

In the context of food, beverages, and medicine, society is a puppet on strings, unaware that the elite control what is eaten and drank. I do not give this information to scare, but to inform people to be observant– food contains harmful chemicals, toxins, and untraceable poisons.

Dumbing Down Society on Food and Beverages: What’s in the Food and Drinks?

Have you ever wondered why, after you eat a certain food, you keep craving it? Food companies exist to make a profit. With the use of food additives, chemicals, and artificial flavors, consumers are indoctrinated through mass media to crave the foods advertised. These food companies deceive us into thinking the food is satisfying and healthy.

Mosanto, a company holding a huge monopoly on the agricultural industry, produces an estimate of 95% of all soybeans and 80% of all corn in the US. The company practices genetic modification, which makes their food more pleasing to the taste buds and eyes of consumers. If they have enough control of the genetics of food to make it big and tasty, they may also have enough control to alter the behavior of the people who eat it. Think of the corn, beans, and steak you had for dinner yesterday. It’s likely your food contained patented genes owned and engineered by the Mosanto company. That food could even be influencing the way in which you make decisions today.

Mosanto also markets Roundup brand pesticide, which is used to strengthen crops against insects and disease. Studies show Roundup leads to many health problems, miscarriages, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and increased risk of the cancer non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Why is such a harmful product allowed on the market? Because the people who are supposed to make such harmful products illegal, the people who pass laws for agriculture, food, and medicine, are also the same people who used to work for Mosanto.

We all love sitting back and watching television programs (which are programs to “program” and indoctrinate) while drinking cold soda. There’s an ingredient found in beverages, especially those “sugar-free” ones, called Aspartame. This is used as an artificial sweetener not only in sodas, but also in chewing gum. It was discovered in 1965, and caused controversy regarding its effect on causing brain tumors. The FDA considered it so dangerous that it was banned from sale, until the Searle company came along and pushed it to market. It was at this same time they also appointed Donald Rumsfeld as CEO, and then guess what happened? Now, over 5,000 foods contain Aspartame.

Dumbing Down the Society on Medicines: What’s in your Prescription Drugs?

Dumbing Down Society Medicine

The dumbing down of society in medicine

Another way for the elite to dumb down society is by using prescription drugs to not treat disease, but to sedate you and slow down your brain function. There has been a huge increase in the amount of drugs prescribed, particularly for children targeted by disorders such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Children who have ADD are prescribed drugs to sedate them; Ritalin use at very young ages has increased. Research shows that this leads to children becoming more dependent on psychotropic drugs later in life.

“This concern have also been voiced out in the January 2005 issue of Pediatrics in which the large discrepancies between pediatricians’ practice patterns and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for the assessment and treatment of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was bought forth. The article also stated that because the medical community didn’t come to a consensus on how to diagnose ADD/ADHD, they should not be making extensive decisions as to how to treat individuals who have been diagnosed with the disorder.”

Many prescription drugs are sold, prescribed, and approved by the elite. Most are not ground with proper research on their long-term effects, and if side effects are found, it is quite unlikely that the public will not be informed of them. I am not against taking medicine, nor am I saying to stop trusting your doctor for prescription drugs, but come to think of it, where did your doctors study? In prominent and well-established universities. Even educational systems are intended to indoctrinate, not to educate, but to feed our minds with information which only they want us to know. Universities are also controlled by the elite. All these systems work together to work against us, and it is up to us to be aware and informed.