Facebook and the CIA


Is Facebook the CIA's information gathering site?

We all love Facebook. We tell it who our friends are, what we like and don’t like, what we are doing today, and anything else which pops into our innocent little social network loving heads. It’s hard to keep track of the count of users now as it goes up all the time. Even your grandparents probably use it.

But what if the friendly Facebook image is just a front and it’s actually being run by the ruthless men of the CIA?

Who Wants All This Information Anyway?

Facebook like

Are you telling the government what you like?

The story goes that the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was looking at ways to use cutting edge technology to grab people’s personal details for its Information Awareness Office (IAO) section for use by the government. They wanted easy access to names, addresses,credit card details, and anything possible. When word got out about their plans, there was an outcry and the IAO was effectively rendered useless by getting funding cut off. So does the story end there?

Well, if you believe the Facebook conspiracy theory then it doesn’t. You see, information gathered about you would be extremely useful to snoops from the CIA and it has been repeatedly suggested that they are behind a good deal of Facebook’s initial funding– it’s basically a sham operation to gather information for the US government.

Check out the Facebook’s terms of use and privacy policy if you haven’t read them before. They make for interesting reading.

How to Stay Safe

The best way to protect your information is to refrain from releasing it in the first place. Once it is saved in your profile, the data cannot be deleted from Facebook’s database. It may appear gone, but it stays stored in Facebook’s server even though it is no longer shown on your profile.

So now we know to be more protective of the information we release. Another way we can stay safe is to prevent Facebook from tracking what websites we visit. This can be down with the help of a Firefox addon called Priv3. This is one of many addons that can prevent unauthorized tracking of your Internet use. Another handy one is NoScript, which stops websites from running scripts and malicious code on your computer without permission.

Facebook and CIA Connections

Was Facebook set up by the CIA? Probably not, but information you feed into it is being seen by more people than you think. Facebook cooperates with governments to release requested information about its users. The social network has also filed a patent detailing how to track users that are not logged into the site. This means Facebook has found a method to continue collecting information from you even when you’re not using the site.

Facebook’s controversial privacy policy throws up a red flag among Internet privacy watchdogs, and for good reason. After typing in personal details and secrets into Facebook, prepare to see that information follow you forever.