Google & CIA Future Predicting Company Tracking OWS Protests

Google and the CIA have teamed up to form a business whose purpose is to predict the future. The joint-venture is called ‘Recorded Future‘ and it has been collecting data since 2009.

The goal of the program is to predict events before they happen. They collect data from thousands of blogs, websites, twitter accounts, and social networks (GOOGLE PLUS ahem) and put it together to make connections out of it.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is receiving a lot of attention around the world. It’s garnishing the attention of Recorded Future as well; so much so that the company has decided to make it a primary focus of their eavesdropping and data surveillance research.

In this video, Recorded Future attempts to map the global spread of Occupy Wall Street by placing dots in cities where protests broke out in chronological order.

Does Google and the CIA share the same bed?

Although Google and the CIA are partners, no one really knows how deep the connection is. Let’s just call it friendly. Google has been known to sell servers and products to the NSA, and White House visitor logs show that Google’s director of public policy and political affairs has had at least 3 meetings with the National Security Council since 2010.

Despite these lovely get-togethers, Google continues to show some forms of independence. Its refusal to grant a law enforcement request to pull a police brutality video shows that the company is not yet 100% pro government– at least not local government, that is.