Government to Seize All TV and Radio Communications

A victim of Wall Street greed: average American

On November 9th, 2011, the United States government is planning to seize all TV and radio communications simultaneously at 2 PM.

The reason for the shutdown, according to the government, is to complete the first ever test of the National Security Alert System. This test comes at the hand of President Obama, with power shared among major government divisions such as FEMA, DHS, the FCC, NOAA, and NWS.

Why is the government performing nationwide tests, are they expecting a terror attack or tragedy that the public not yet knows about? The U.S. Intelligence community may have intercepted game plans from rogue organizations outlining attacks in the future and the government wants the country to be ready.

But instead for terrorism, some think the tests are to prepare for civil unrest resulting from the high level of corporate greed and income inequality in the country. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters are peaceful now, but that could change in coming months as more and more people’s life savings run out because of the impossibility of finding a job.

OWS, like many grass-roots organizations started by common people, is coordinated by social media and communications. If OWS protests turn violent, the U.S. government may want to shut down all communications the protestors have, including TV, radio, and the Internet. This upcoming test will take out at least 2 of these 3 major communications.

With the radio and TV networks down, the public will be blind to any injustice or crimes the government commits to the protestors. This would include unjust evacuation, police brutality, and even murder. Since news networks will be down, none of the public will be able to see these evil acts unfolding and they will remain complacent in their soon-to-be foreclosed homes baking brownies and reading Sports Illustrated.

Here is the official announcement from FEMA about the upcoming seizure of TV and radio.