iConspiracy: Apple and the Illuminati

The Apple Illuminati Conspiracy

Apple Logo and New World Order

An important concern among many groups is whether the Illuminati killed Steve Jobs. The elite control everything, from media, to telecommunications, health, politics, and economics. You name it, they control it.

Apple doesn’t fall far from the Illuminati-tree

Conspirators will agree that Apple is an Illuminati company. It was funded by a CIA front company called Sequoia Capital, which is an investment bank also under control by the Illuminati.

Take a look at the Apple Store logo. Does it look familiar to you, with that triangle and see-all eye?

Apple products produced as tracking and mind control devices?

The elite use technology to entertain and distract society from their plans. They manipulate everything, hiding truth and repeating lies through the media until they are accepted. From the very start, they want us to idolize popular people (e.g. Steve Jobs), respect them, and trust them enough to incorporate their products into our everyday lives.

You may be being tracked even right now. Did you know that iPhone 4 devices can track your movement? It has been found that this nifty little gadget can secretly track your movements and record them on your phone. A report claims Apple iPhones and 3G iPad devices are secretly storing and recording their owners’ information movements. Although there is no report that the information collected is uploaded, it’s still very frightening. But that’s not all. Another Apple product, the iCloud, collects user photos and syncs them over the internet.

According to the company, this collection of personal data is fair play. If you read the company’s terms of use, by using their products you are allowing them to collect your occupation, zip code, and location information to help them improve (according to them) products and services.

Apple Store Games Mind Control Illuminati

The all-seeing eye for gamers

Many games for Apple products are created for mind control and designed with Illuminati symbols. You can find them at the Apple Store, and when you play them, you find yourself enjoying the game with the one-eyed monsters, and aliens.

Decades ago, video games were nothing more than simple cartoon characters with human forms. Today, one-eyed monsters and aliens are becoming a big part of the culture. And with the mind controlling ability of these games improving as fast as technology improves, no wonder parents are struggling with their children’s behavior. Such games are widely available in the Apple Store.

Apple’s Steve Jobs cut down by the Illuminati?

Was Steve Jobs killed by the Illuminati? It may be the case that Jobs was planning to do something so displeasing that the Illuminati concluded he had to be killed. He was probably ready to reveal Apple’s deep dark secrets; that it was a puppet company of the Illuminati.

Some believe the cancer was planted inside Steve Jobs to make his death seem natural. Still others claim there was no dirty work involved at all and it was just his time to pass. We may never know the true reason of his death, but while Steve Jobs is gone, the company lives on.


8 thoughts on “iConspiracy: Apple and the Illuminati

  1. Grace 11/10/2011, 7:20 am:

    The Illuminati did not kill Steve, he is exactly their kind of guy: brilliant, creative, wealthy, kind of a jerk, and seeking to expand his power over Apple users always through things like tracking and iPhone addiction. I'm sure they will use Steve as a saint to make his type seem nicer, though.

  2. Ninjapilla 11/19/2011, 12:19 am:

    do you actually have any evidence to back any of this up?Also, I'm reading this on my iPhone 3gs…

  3. Ninjapilla 11/19/2011, 12:21 am:

    also I'm pretty sure the all seing eye is a masonic symbol, not illuminati

  4. ^^Grace and Ninja are IDIOTS 02/22/2012, 2:53 am:

    @Grace … You have to be born into the Illuminati, you can’t just join you fool. do some research before you babble on

    @Ninjapilla … If your defending the Corporations your one of their idiot sheep and we don’t need you. Go play in traffic. The All Seeing Eye is a Historic Illuminati Symbol

    • Grace 03/27/2012, 11:40 am:

      Yes, I was an idiot. Not because I thought you could join it, which didn’t actually say, but because I belived so fully in them because the idea that either human nature just leads people to greed for power or that something supernatural is behind evil, both of which are more likely responsible for the commonalities of evil that I attributed to the Illuminati. Personally I now think they are obsolete. There are still secrets and information is out of your control, but, well, I’m not obsessed with this Illuminati I so feared anymore. But thank you for pointing that out sweetheart.

  5. David 02/28/2012, 12:01 am:

    I do believe the illuminate exists. I thought there’s a possibility that apple is an illuminati company so I searched for it and came up with this. First the app store logo is an A not a pyramid. You can go through any company and find something that might resemble a triangle.

    I idolize steve jobs because he is the definition of the American Dream. He created something in his garage and built on that until he had one of the most successful company in the world. He did what he thought was the best for the company even if he had to be an asshole sometimes. He wouldn’t let anyone influence his decision. That is totally unlike these corrupt politicians that run the country.

    Technology is part of our evolution as humans. We have been incorporating technology into our lives more and more ever since the beginning of existence. There is no avoiding it. What is scary is that if there are people so wealthy that they control the whole world without the general public knowing. It is scary what they could do with with the tech.

    iCloud only collects those things if you want to. If you don’t want to use iCloud, don’t. If you do you can select what gets synced and what doesn’t.

    How is Apple going to know your occupation unless you tell them? When you sign up for an account, they ask you but it is an optional question. This makes me question your facts.

    All the apps in the app store are made by a 3rd party. People also living the american dream, some making millions. There are kids as young as 13 making insane amounts of money off the app they coded.

    First of all everything changes/evolves. Music decades ago does not sound like it does now. TV shows, computers, cars, airplanes, houses, cities, and on and on neither. Second, there are 500,000 apps in the app store. Im not sure how many games there are but I assume at least a quarter of them are games (most likely more) which comes out to be 125,000 games. Theres no way any of them would make it if they were all “simple cartoon characters with human forms”.

    If you want to believe that he was killed by the illuminati then it might be more believable that he was planning on releasing a technology that the illuminati didn’t want him to?

    The tracking scandal is your only valid argument.

  6. Dave 03/10/2012, 12:19 pm:

    This whole thing is getting out of hand granted yes there is most likley some sort of secret society among rich people i mean y wouldnt there be? But to go as far as saying they are all devil worshiping masons whos only goal is to destroy the general population and the very structure which this country was founded upon is a little far feched even givin all the evidence ive heard over the years and the obvious “subliminal” signs/messages ive seen many can b put to rest with 2 simple words “publicity stunt” all the “signs” you have probably seen containing messages with the so called new world order on the dollar bill or anything refering to the government should be refering to years ago wen the 13 colonies came from britian there HAD to have been some sort of society that the forefathers were apart of to make plans of rebellion and to bring in what they saw to be the “new world order”(hence the roman numerals on the bottom of the piramid) this organization would have had to be so secret that only the ones organizing it operation new what was goin to happen or there plans for there future country if anyone were to speak out against them or posibly expose there existence would most likly have to be done away with now taking the gist of this out of context and applying it to the world we live in today (the new world order) could very possibly be percieved as some sort of society trying to take over the world or country people are getting bord think about what we do all day the acctual work in our lives has been minimalized to a point were we almost have to do nuthing more than stand or sit and watch T.V. while we fold laundry our imaginations are running and people want excitment if your looking at something on the internet and telling sombody about it than guaranteed someone eles is doing the same exact thing and so on and so on take a business man such as jay z now backmasking messages may point to a extremly satanic image BUT do u really think he gives a flying fadoodal what you think about him? Him and kanye are all about the green stuff which can also be said for the entire population the only difference is they sit around all day having people pitch them ideas on how to get MORE of it how to get MORE publicity how to get MORE people to just look at them because guaranteed if your looking at jay z hes either got a microphone in his hand or is on the cover of an album lets say you were a famous rapper who is gettin a little played out maybe people arnt taking as much of an intrest in you as they used to weeeell someone comes up to you after a long day of trying to make MORE money and says hey what if people THOUGHT that you were somesort of devil worshiper or masonist that will surly draw the attention of even thos who dont watch Mtv to at least inform themselves or see if they can spot some sort of SIGN that will completly give away there intire existence and prove once and for all satanic ownership of the media what does the media have to say about all this? THERE LOVING IT more people are watchin tv plain and simple people think todays music videos have a satanic subliminal message when there very lives follow the desire to be in a postion like that the media is only a reflection of the population that watch it if tomorrow everybody in the US stoped watching there fav show nd all startex watching kim kardashian guaranteed next week wed see more reality bull shows on tv there are sexual messages because people like sex there are drug and alcohol refrences because people like drugs and alcohol there are “subliminal messages” because people LIKE subliminal messages whats the first thing you do when you hear jay z has a backward satanic message in his song? You either look it up or tell somebody about it nd someone eles some were does the same honestly if i wanted to become famous and people thought i was putting subliminal messages in my song i would get more publicity than i would if i was just another song on the internet as long as the music isnt terrible and people who havnt heard of the satanic meaning will probably listen to it id gain more publicity eventually people want to see u and the media who looooove making money end up putting your favorite musician on stage then boom a conspiracy is born creating eeeven more publicity all this conbined with the law of attraction is a recipe for mindtripping media the public has more power than it seems the illuminati work through the public not for it everything we do has a ripple effect and the more we think about this problem the more real it will become because if this were really a secret plan to take over the world how the **** did we all find out about it? How did the next guy hear about the new world order and there plans to do away with the population and take over the world? that seems like a plan that would be better off a complete secret not something you want to expose little by little with subliminal messages but none of this is to say either side is rite the fact is there isnt enof structure to suport either side due to the “symbols” they put out there making it an ongoing descussion/argument until the “

  7. Ninjapilla 03/24/2012, 5:32 pm:

    @^^Grace and Ninja are IDIOTS I’m not defending them, I was just wondering