Illuminati Evacuating the Caymans

The Caman Islands, a notorious hideout for tax criminals and the world elite, is facing a decline.

Fallout from bad international press is washing up on the shores. The elite no longer view Cayman as the ideal place for seclusion and secrecy. Sure, the Cayman government still continues to hide population figures and the names of its residents, but the island has become too famous. After being featured in the 1991 best-selling novel “The Firm” by author John Grisham, the island has been put in public spotlight and remained there, unwillingly, ever since.

It didn’t make it any better that Barack Obama also had his sights on Cayman. In 2007, when Obama was still a senator, he proposed the “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act”, which was a direct attack on the island’s dubious agreements with the world elite.

And what is the response of the Illuminati from all this? Packing bags, boarding private jets, and finding new bat lairs. The evacuation of Cayman is making the elite more dispersed and harder to find than ever before.

When is an elite not an Elite? When it’s in the Caymans

Throwing a conspiracy theory into these events, one could say that the elite that live on the Caymans are not truly the “Elite” at all. For such a powerful and wealthy club, the Cayman Islands would be a far too obvious location to hide. It’s more likely that each member has their own individual hideaway, known only to their most loyal friends.

Another reason supporting this conspiracy theory is the fact that the elite own the media. A major problem the islands are facing is bad press from the media, and it doesn’t make sense that the Illuminati would be ordering their own cameras to be pointed and fired against them. Perhaps the affluent living on Cayman are innocent scapegoats, being used as a distraction by the elite in order to throw the scent leading from their own personal hideouts.

Whatever you care to believe, don’t be looking for the Illuminati on the Cayman shores within the next ten years.

A helpful sign in the Cayman Islands