India Collecting Retinal Scans of All The Country’s Poor

The Indian government is creating a biometric database of all of the country’s poor. The homeless and poverty-stricken citizens are being rounded up to scan their retinas and fingerprints.

India hopes to scan 1 million Indians a day by the end of 2011.

The program, known as Aadhaar, is a big concern for privacy advocates. They believe the program is an excuse to collect the information and whereabouts of undesirables and dispose of them. If this fear is hard to swallow, imagine how useful Hitler would have found the tracking program before the onstart of World War 2 and his systematic extermination of the Jews. A bad sign is that the subcontracted data collection agencies are asking race and status questions to those being added to the database. If history were to repeat itself, which it most often does, a powerful leader could use the information in the database for genocide and the elimination of political competitors. Biochip implants could be added to the identification program to track individuals in real-time, granting the state complete control over its citizens by watching where they go and who they speak to.

Financial Exploitation of the Poor and Mentally Disabled

The government also plans to give each of these citizens bank accounts. Many of these poor lack money management skills, leaving them vulnerable to becoming victims of debt slavery. Banks could hand them out loans that they would end up repaying for the rest of their lives. If payments were late, it’s very likely the government would work in collaboration with the bank to track down the individual using the identity database.

The Slow and Steady Deterioration of Liberties

Creating the database is the first step. Once a database is established, the second step is microchip implants. The first step is happening now, the laborious task of collecting race, residential address, and economic status is underway. It’s a big process, but once it’s completed, all that is left is another policy issued by the government that requires microchip implants. The government can then go down the list of its database and distribute the chip into all of its citizens.