London 2012 Olympics: Zionist Conspiracy?

The London 2012 Olympics

This Illuminati game card predicts the London 2012 Olympics

Time flies fast, and before you know it the London 2012 Olympics will kick-off. But will this traditionally peaceful event be marred by Zionist influence?

This London 2012 Olympics logo sparked controversy when it was unveiled last May. Not only does it spell “Zion”, but the original TV commercials took control of viewers’ bodies and made them go into seizure. Only a few people have the skill to put the pieces of this strange jigsaw puzzle together and see that the London 2012 Olympics is the official kickoff for the establishment of the New World Order.

What is in store for the London 2012 Olympics?

Conspirasts believe this event is a stepping stone that will lead to world domination by the New World Order. One doctor, Bill Aitchison, claims the London 2012 Olympics will be a significant event for the 2012 apocalypse. The conspiracy says that the elite will burn the people inside the stadium, at a time when all the world has its eyes on this great event. It is possible the London 2012 Olympics will experience a 9/11 Terrorist attack-like disaster planned long ago by the hands of the New World Order.

After examining the logo carefully, conspirasts conclude that a fake alien invasion will take place during the onset of the game. The public will be so terrified of the staged invasion that their immediate course of action will be to surrender all liberties for survival. Proof of something in the works for the games can be read in a local UK newspaper, claiming that mobile users will experience a mobile blackout during the London Olympics 2012 kick-off. Keeping in mind that the elite control communications and media, this is not out of their power.

The strange location of the London 2012 Olympics Stadium

Take note of the location where the London 2012 Olympics will take place. The fact that the stadium is near key strategic locations; Parliament, MI5, Downing Street, is no coincidence. And take note of the street names around the Olympic stadium: Temple Mills Lane, Church Road, Great Eastern Road, Carpenters Road, and Angel Lane. Coincidence? Do they sound familiar, a little biblical?

Check out the New World Order game card by Steve Jackson above. Look at the signs, buildings, and the clock. Does it look familiar? Is that Big Ben?


3 thoughts on “London 2012 Olympics: Zionist Conspiracy?

  1. Owen 10/11/2011, 3:47 pm:

    The Olympic stadium is in the east end of London, in an areas called Stratford. Its miles for any of the paliment, downing street and Mi5 and 6.

    You must try harder :(

  2. Alicia 10/20/2011, 1:12 pm:

    Seriously? The Illuminati wouldnt touch anything religious with its pinky finger unless it was accomplishing its goal of destroying it or creating a widespread and useful variety of panic, fear, or stupidity, at least from what ive seen, so they wouldnt give a crap about religious street names, and if they do stage an invasion they would want to remove religious implications unless they have some thing else going on that I am completely missing. They dont like religion unless they can use it to control people, because if they arent doing it religion means less fear sometimes, and people are easier to control when they are afraid, stupid, or morally ambivalent so they try to avoid it, if you want to ignore the surrounding satanic rumors. Either way the goal is just power. There are connections everywhere, for example they tolerate websites such as this because they want to guage what people on the fringe notice or fail at.

    Pwned. Actually I'm just writing a story that may or may not involve them and im practicing. Any feedback if that was convincing please?

  3. Poopie Face 12/21/2011, 8:34 pm:

    I mean, that kiinnda says 'zion.' But do you really think it would be that obvious? Do you think that they would literally spell it out right in front of you?

    Because they wouldn't