Michael Jackson: One Conspiracy After Another

Michael Jackson

Did Michael Jackson live more or less time than we think? Roadsidepictures@flickr

Being famous is one sure way to get a few conspiracy theories made up about you, just ask Michael Jackson- if you can find him.

There are so many theories about the death of the King of Pop that the best thing to do is present a short summary of them all, to see which sounds most likely.

He Didn’t Die

Jackson’s death was staged to solve his financial problems / give him a more peaceful life / because of something to do with the CIA. These rumors started almost immediately after his “death”. The only problem with this theory is the lack of decent evidence: No shadowy figure seen at the windows of Neverland, no faked suicide letters, no suspiciously illuminated coffin. Nothing.

He Did Die…But Not When You Thought

Even stranger is the theory that MJ died years before he really died, if you know what I mean. This seems to have started out a hoax which has grown arms and legs over the years. Was the person we saw in 2009 a moon walking MJ impostor? No evidence for this one either I am afraid.

Jsckson death

Jackson shortly before his death? roberthuffstutter@flickr

He Died But Not How You Thought

He was killed by the CIA / Iran / a top secret chemical weapon / aliens / Paul McCartney. You can really add the name of any organization or person you want to this list. There is still some doubt about the circumstances of his death and there is a court case going on as I write, but don’t expect to hear any of the more outlandish claims. Could he have been killed by a government agency or foreign power? It’s possible, but the conspiracy theories around this lack substance too.

I must confess that none of these conspiracy theories impress me at all. I love to think Jackson is really living in an underground cave in Arizona and writing songs with John Lennon and Elvis, but the evidence shows that he simply died when we think he did and in the way which we think.



One thought on “Michael Jackson: One Conspiracy After Another

  1. ANON 02/10/2012, 11:03 am:

    he didnt die because of the CIA! he was found dead. His doctor and the Illumnati got to him. Put chemicals in his blood. He never got shot.