Mind Control Participants of GATE Waking Up

An awakening is taking place. People who participated in the GATE program in public schools around the country in the 70s’ and early 80s’ are suddenly recalling the experience collectively, and for the first time taking a closer look at the unusual program they forgot so much about.

Opening the Gate to World Domination

GATE, or Gifted And Talented Education, was a program that introduced young American students to new and developing educational methods and technologies. The program claimed the testing was harmless, but some of the participants are looking back on the experience now as adults and realizing it was way out of the ordinary and perhaps dangerous.

There is talk in some circles that the true purpose of the program was for the government to train a tireless and submissive army that would die fighting at the commands of its leaders. The group was to become a walking meat-shield, human body guards programmed to protect their leader and fight to the very end.

A Gateway to Brainwashing and Mind Control

To most, the memory of how they were tested in GATE’s classes is a blank spot in their mind; as if it were erased. But because of the number of people that were involved in this program was so great, we can piece together individual accounts to get the big picture.

GATE was all about experiments. The kids were given simple materials and asked to construct vehicles and moving parts. They were asked to look at images and then draw them with their eyes closed. They were given lessons in the programming code Basic. They were given various logic puzzles and tests, the most peculiar being the fast flickering light examination. People fear that this “examination” was the main tool the program used to brainwash and plant obedience into their naive young minds.

Gates Closed

For reasons unknown, GATE was discontinued, and children were no longer required to be taken out of class and attend special sessions. It looked as though the kids– now adults, were free to live their lives without worry of the testing they underwent. It was believed the program did not last long enough to leave any lasting scar or imprint on their minds. Recently, however, this belief is changing.

People Searching for Answers

GATE participants are finding each other in forums and on the Internet, sparked by a recent interest in the program they seemed to have gained all at the same time. The conclusion that many draw from this occurrence is that the GATE program in fact did NOT fail, that it succeeded in brainwashing and controlling their minds, and that the orders implanted laid dormant and are now just beginning to activate as the former kids reach the age of full-grown adults.

To those reading this who participated in GATE, leave a message below expressing your experience with the program and any advice you can give to prevent the government from switching the mind-control button to ‘On’.


4 thoughts on “Mind Control Participants of GATE Waking Up

  1. banshee 12/03/2011, 12:48 pm:

    I was in gate..

  2. greggy 12/08/2011, 6:18 pm:

    i was in a program called TAG. talented and gifted. any ideas as to whether they are related?

  3. Sharon Anderson Wethly 03/05/2012, 12:32 am:

    I was in the Gifted and Talented Program in NJ from 3rd grade through 8th grade. I opted out after that. I remember the activities above. We even participated in Olympics of the Mind.

    I’ve often wondered if something weird was going on but didn’t think too much about it. I do know that at one time my parents received correspondence from Stanford regarding some summer program for Gifted students. My mother didn’t trust that they wouldn’t do strange experiments so she didn’t send me.

    In high school i found myself in a situation that required a stay at the Carrier Clinic in NJ. They had an adolescent ward, but for some reason about 10 of us were on an adult ward where we were each paired up with an adult roommate. Over time, during conversations during free time, we realized that ALL 10 of us were Gifted kids. Weird right? AND, at one point they did some weird brain scan on us. They came into our rooms and gave us some red stuff to make us sleepy. Then we were led to a room were needles connected to cords were put in our scalp. I remember that clearly ’cause my friend Victor had some blood on his forehead when he came back from his test.

    Think they did something to us???

    • Sharon Anderson Wethly 03/05/2012, 12:36 am:

      And did i mention that my kid has been in the Gifted program since Kindergarten??? Should i be worried. I gotta do some research on this. I’ve always wondered…..