Multinational Corporation Perfecting Human Brain Simulation

Neuron impulses, like the dots seen here, are simulated by processor computations.

One of the most powerful corporations in the world, IBM, is setting its sights on perfecting a perfect simulation of the human brain. Already the company has completely simulated the brain of a mouse, a rat, a cat, and now you’re the next animal on the list.

Think it can’t happen? It’s already being done. So far, IBM has achieved a simulation rate of 4.5% of the human mind. With the rate it’s going, IBM hopes to reach 100% simulation by 2019, a mere 7 years away.

Coincidentally, famous futurist and author of the 1990 book The Age of Intelligent Machines Ray Kurzweil predicted 2019 as the year artificial intelligence would match that of humans. His prediction, it seems, is coming right out of the pages of science fiction and into reality.

Blue Gene is IBM’s name for the project and the research paper can be viewed online as a pdf link.

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