Obama’s Jobs Act is for Gays

Louie GohmertTexas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert claims that Obama’s American Jobs Act is a bill intended to destroy marriage and give gays more rights and freedoms.

The Texas Republican stands firm with the belief that Obama’s plan is to disrupt the tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman. “This president, by virtue of the power to tax, the power to destroy, takes a shot at traditional conventional marriage,” says Gohmert.

According to him, tax credits under the President’s plan would favor unmarried live-in couples. He goes on to say that these tax credits “may be something nice he’s throwing out for gay folks…”

But to find abominations of same-sex relationships , he need look no further than his own political party. Since 2006, there has been at least 5 Republican gay sex scandals:

  • Mark Foley: Caught sexting teenage boys working for the page program.
  • Ted Haggard: Paid male prostitutes for sex and snorted crystal meth.
  • Larry Craig: Solicited sex from an undercover cop in an airport bathroom
  • Bob Allen: Paid an undercover cop $20 for a blowjob in a public park restroom.
  • Glenn Murphy Jr.: Got young republicans drunk and gave them blowjobs while they were asleep.

Why is Gohmert so concerned with the lives of gay people? Maybe he is afraid of catching the bug from his fellow congressmen.