Ohio Exotic Animal Farm Owner Found Dead

In a bizarre tragedy, the owner of an exotic animal farm in Ohio let loose over 40 of his precious animals before taking his own life. Or- that’s what they want you to think, anyways.  Some point to reasons why the animal farm owner was murdered instead of committing suicide. They have various theories, some of them being that:

The farm was home to genetic experimentation for black ops testing

It is very strange for such exotic and rare animals to be brought living together in such an empty and sparsely inhabited area as Ohio. The farm was an undercover lab that was on U.S. soil in a remote location that could easily be protected in case anyone did any snooping on their secret plans.

Wild animals a front for the drug racket

Another theory is that letting the animals loose was a distraction for a drug crime involving the owner. The mob that he owed faked his suicide and went on to release the animals for an easy escape.

Animals were raised for the Elite’s entertainment

A third theory is that the animals were being raised for Roman coliseum-type events and that PETA killed the owner and set the animals free in an attempt to free the animals from cruelty.

Animals were eaten in Eastern medicine rituals

Still another likely theory is that the animals were being grown for their parts; to be used in ancient Eastern medicine. Many tribes in the South East believe that whatever is eaten transfers that power or ability into their own bodies, so for example eating a cheetah’s heart would give them the ability to run faster.

Ohio exotic animal farm collection shot dead by police.