Weezer Member Predicts His Own Death

Former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh correctly predicted his death two weeks before he was found dead in his hotel room.

Welsh tweeted, “dreamt I died in chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today.”

Fans are heartbroken. They feel that foul play was to blame for the passing of such a great artist, aged only 40 years old. For his enemies, they could have seen the tweet as a perfect opportunity to murder the bassist and arrange the scene to look like a suicide.

Still others think the death was a self-fulfilling prophecy; influenced by the dream, he binged and pushed his tolerance beyond the limit. What needs to be kept in mind with line of thinking is that the band Weezer is not really defined as one that is heavily involved with drugs. One fan attests that, “Weezer is not your typical druggy rocker band. I’m sure they’ve smoked weed (hash pipe) but they aren’t Motley Crue. They’re fairly mainstream and well educated.”

Maybe the dream was a message from the future. Could it be possible for someone to dream their own death? In this case, it seems like that is exactly what happened.