Chinese Area 51 Found in Gobi Desert

Strange, unidentified structures have been spotted in the Gobi desert by Google Earth. China may be using the area for military, space, and nuclear testing.

“The Americans have lots of these in Nevada – Area 51!”, exclaims Tim Ripley, a defense expert at Jane’s Defense Weekly, a military analysis group.

Is it really another Area 51?

If ‘Area 51′ is a general term for a secret air force base located in the desert, then yes, this newly discovered site is a Chinese Area 51.

But unlike its U.S. counterpart, there is no alleged alien spacecraft technology in use. The shapes and marks in the ground are typical of man-made missile blast sites. The white lines are likely to be winding roads meant to imitate city streets for missile testing.

What is China hiding?

China is hiding its newest military technology, the same which is done for every country.

What strange and revolutionary technology is the country producing?

Some fear that China is making advanced technological weapons for the purpose of disabling world satellites and defenses. In reality, China is likely reverse-engineering already existing technologies.

China has a history of obtaining and copying foreign technology. Just in January, China copied parts from a downed U.S. jet to produce a stealth fighter.

Reverse-engineering has become so rampant in the country that there is a new term for it: the Chinese wall, which Wikipedia refers to as:

A reverse engineering method involving two separate groups. One group reverse-engineers the original code and writes thorough documentation, while the other group writes new code based only on the new documentation. This method insulates the new code from the old code, so that it will not be considered a derived work.

One team figures out how it works, the other team replaces original parts with similar parts to produce an almost identical result.

All eyes on the newly discovered site

No matter its true purpose, whether it be military testing or a giant game of hopscotch, it’s certain the world will be watching the area with interest and curiosity.

View the site for yourself and make your own discoveries by downloading Google Earth here.


One thought on “Chinese Area 51 Found in Gobi Desert

  1. Hoonestthought 11/15/2011, 5:16 am:

    They are artwork by Ai Weiwei – please drop money to pay off his (Willie Nelson inspired )tax debt, no?

    One is an origami instructions to build a spacecraft.


    They aren't alien markings, because I can't find evidence of a green card, anywhere….