CIA Killing Strangers in Pakistan with Drones, is America Next?

A report by the Wall Street Journal confirms CIA drones are targeting “men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities are not always known.”

The attack on unknown targets comes as the result of increased military offense efforts in the Pakistani region. Initially, only top-level terrorist leaders were targeted. Now, simply spotting a group of people talking in the street is enough for the CIA to initiate an attack.

The Hunt for Terrorists Comes Home

It’s not a good sign when a country’s intelligence agency begins to accept the mass murdering of possible innocents as standard operating protocol. The feared consequence is that the agency will use the same tactics against its own people.

Why would the CIA attack its own people, you ask? Consider the spread of civil unrest events breaking out all over the country recently: New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Denver, Chicago, Seattle, and many more.

Protestors massing. CNN

News and media outlets spin the Occupy Wall Street protestors as big unruly mobs that will destroy America with their lethargy and no-purpose attitudes. Rebels without a cause, you might say.

As the economy continues to nosedive and the protests continue to grow, tension will rise between the government and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Acts of brutality have already made headlines. Two Oakland residents, both Iraq War veterans, have been hospitalized due to police crackdowns. Actions like these only further the divide between government and public, constructing false perceptions of ‘good guy’ versus ‘bad guy’.

The government, the ‘good guys’ as they would see themselves, could place grassroots movements and protests in the same category of homegrown terrorism and order drone airstrikes on protestors. The orders would be carried out because the same tactics used against terrorists abroad should be just as effective against terrorists at home.

“We do it overseas, and it works, so why not do it here?” would be the reasoning and justification for carrying out drone attacks on homeland targets.

Stop the Bloodshed Before It Can Go Further

The CIA’s indiscriminate killing of possible innocent civilians must come to an end. Today they may be going overseas and killing innocent strangers, but tomorrow, they could come home for Anonymous.