Discovery of Thousands of Mayan Indices in Museum Basement

The famous Dresden codex.

The Itza Mayan Council has received two Mayan codices that have never been open to the public. The codices have been authenticated by two universities and carbon dated to be at least from the 1300s’.

Of the two, the Windcall codex is 13 pages long and unfolds like a pamphlet showing inscriptions on the backside as well.

The codices were recovered from a Los Angeles museum that claims to hold over a thousand more in their basement. But because of antiquity laws and the high price of buying history, only two could be transported and sent to Itza Maya. The rest are being photographed.

According to belief, if a special Mayan ritual is not held on December 21, 2010, it will bring about the end of the world. That is why there is a sudden rush to recover all lost artifacts that are needed for the ceremony, such as crystal skulls and indices.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, a renowned researcher of ancient Mayan civilization, says “The prophecy is actually happening as they said. They said it would begin in 2010, when it would all start unfolding and it’s still rapidly moving forward and their knowledge is being returned to them right now.”