FBI Video & Documents Released of Captured Russian Spy Ring

The 10 Russian spies caught by FBI.

The operations of a Russian spy ring that was busted more than a year ago by FBI undercover officials can now be seen in declassified videos released by a Freedom of Information Act request.

The FBI thinks their job was recruiting new people to provide information for the ring.

According to counter-intelligence experts, the spies stuck to classic and outdated techniques that were easy to follow. Video includes a cafe meetup and exchange, a dead drop, and a ‘brush pass’ between one of the spies and a visiting Moscow official.

How could Moscow make such a critical mistake to train their spies to employ simple techniques that would be easily traceable? Could it be that these spies served as decoys meant to occupy all of the FBI’s attention and resources while the true spies went on with their business undisturbed?

Immediately following capture 5 of the spies were exchanged for 5 American spies in Russia.

The FBI named the case ‘Operation Ghost Stories‘ because of the 10 caught spies 6 of them assumed the identity of people deceased. Video does not include sound.

For all of the data released, check out the FBI’s Ghost Stories Vault.


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    i could probably see that, they trade for Russia. its possible.