Hidden Devil Discovered in Painting of St. Francis’ Death

The figure of a devil has been found by art restorers working on a famous painting depicting the death of St. Francis of Assisi. Secret since the 13th century, it has managed to remain hidden in the painting’s clouds for hundreds of years.

When observed carefully, one can see the evil grin, hooked nose, and twisted horn.

How could it remain hidden for so long?

The devil can only be seen in close-up photography; it is too high up to be seen straight from the ground. Only with the recent advancements in technology could any average person with a zoom-in camera see it. And although high-end cameras have been around for awhile, it’s much easier to spot when you know it’s there. No one knew a devil was in the painting.

Why did the painter place the devil in the painting?

The chief restorer says the creator of the masterpiece may have put it in, “to have a bit of fun.” So you’re telling us, that one of the most talented painters in history, the renown Giotto, painted a devil in his holy portrayal of the life of St. Francis as a joke?

The cleaning guy then gave another explanation, perhaps to hide his embarrassment from the first, saying that the placement of the devil may have been Giotto’s way of spiting his enemies.


One thought on “Hidden Devil Discovered in Painting of St. Francis’ Death

  1. ANON 02/10/2012, 11:09 am:

    Its just like saying Santa is possesed and Adam and Eve werent the first persons on the earth. Even though they see something secret in this painting, dosnt make it true, for all we know it could have been inscripted in there just for relativity to the animal.