Human Hair is a Common Bread Ingredient

Check the ingredients label on the frozen pizza sitting in your freezer. If it contains L-cysteine, your crust may be stuffed with processed human hair.

L-cysteine can be made in laboratories, but some of it is processed cheaply from human hair collected in China; sweeped up from barbershop and salon floors.

The ingredient is a non-essential amino acid included in bread to speed up the commercial baking and production process of dough in pizza, pastries, and rolls.

The source not only comes from humans. In recent years, 80% of it has come from duck feathers. The amino acid can also be extracted from chicken feathers, cow horns, and petroleum byproduct.

Smoke’em Up, Johnny!

Cysteine is one of the 599 additives in cigarettes, but its use or purpose is unknown.

Good for Liver Damage

Cysteine is rumored to to be an effective cure for hangover and liver damage. It can counteract long-term damage from alcohol use, but it doesn’t have any immediate effects on drunkenness.

So, in other words, if you’re drunk and think eating a roll of dough will help you sober up enough to drive home– it won’t. Call a cab or friend.