Jay-Z Takes Advantage of OWS to Gain Profits

Rapper Jay-Z listed Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest shirts for sale on his company website Rocawear but quickly removed them after criticism received for selling the shirts without sharing the profits with the protest movement.

He is accused of falsifying his support for the cause in order to make money from those involved. It was enough to lead one top OWS member to call him “a hood rat” and “scrotum”.

Is Jay-Z Involved with the Illuminati?

Jay-Z's clothing line shirt with the All-Seeing Eye in Triangle.

Jay-Z has long been considered part of the Illuminati due to his clothing line including Illuminati symbols and his music videos referencing secret societies.

His shirts feature the All-Seeing Eye in Triangle and other occult images of eyes.

Even Jay-Z’s company name, Rocawear, is a reference to the powerful and elite Rockefeller family.

Jay-Z and Russell Simmons Working Together?

Russell Simmons, the 3rd richest person in hip-hop who also owns a clothing line and is friend of Jay-Z, tweeted a quasi-promotion for the OWS protest shirts saying, “glad I got mine today”.

“Glad I got mine today.” Who says that in real life? Can you remember any friends and family members talking about something they purchased and informing you, “Glad I got mine today”? The statement clearly seems like a marketing tactic meant to influence people to buy the shirts.