The John Lennon Murder Mystery

John Lennon

Who killed John Lennon?

Who killed John Lennon, and why?

The tragic story of the ex-Beatle who was gunned down outside his home in New York in 1980 is a fascinating one. The FBI were known to be following him, a sad loner called Mark Chapman was stalking him, Paul McCartney supposedly had a grudge against him, and even the horror author Stephen King is implicated in his death in some theories.

Chapman famously said, “I just shot John Lennon” after the incident in which he did indeed shoot John Lennon, but his lack of a clear motive has always been a source of concern for anyone looking to clear up the mystery. Why would a lazy stoner go to all the trouble of killing a famous singer just because he was upset about a “bigger than Jesus” remark the artist once made? It makes no sense.

Even Lennon’s long-term on and off partner Yoko Ono and his fellow ex-Beatle Paul McCartney have been accused of being behind the assassination. One theory is based on McCartney being upset with Ono being behind his drug bust in Japan and ordering the hit, but this seems a bit far fetched to be honest.

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Who wanted Lennon dead the most?

Perhaps the most compelling story is of the FBI involvement with Lennon. He was regarded as a trouble maker, a political activist, and according to his FBI file, “dangerous”. Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover wanted to get rid of him and were preparing his deportation. The men from the FBI had him under constant surveillance and tried to make his life as unpleasant as possible. Did they go one further and hire, bribe, threaten, or brainwash a loser called Mark Chapman to do their dirty work? It certainly makes more sense than the “lone nut” theory.

No one doubts that Mark Chapman pulled the trigger. People were there to witness it and he sat reading his favorite book while waiting for the police to arrive. What is in doubt is who give him the idea and the motivation.