Media Hiding Truth about Penn State Riots

Penn State riots caused by unfair price increases, not coach firings.

News networks say the Penn State riots are backlash for firing of football coach Jerry Sandusky, but the real reason is more serious: American students are growing restless of rising tuition costs coupled with lowered job prospects.

In July, Penn State trustees voted without dissent for an increase in tuition at a rate of 4.9% for in-state undergrads, 3.5% for out-of-state, and 2.9% for everyone else for the 2011-2012 academic year.

While Penn State board members vote tuition rates up, graduate job opportunities go down. Students are leaving college with 4 years of time spent and thousands in debt only to find find the job well dry.

Debt if You Do, Sweat if You Don’t

Society puts our youth in a tough spot; either they go into debt pursuing a degree that may get them a job, or they work 40 hours a week (if they’re lucky to get that much time) at McDonald’s.

At the same time students can’t find a job, their hard-working parents are getting laid off and struggling to pay bills. Students know their families are sacrificing everything to send them to college.

That’s why it’s easy to understand the Penn State riots are a release of built-up frustration against the university and society. Just as British students rioted because of increased tuition last December, American students are doing the same.

The firing of a coach? Please, that’s only what they want you to think.