No Revolution in America: TIME Changes Cover for Americans

TIME changes the cover of its magazine when selling issues in the United States. The latest occurrence involves the December edition, where pictures of the Egyptian revolution are replaced by a childish cartoon telling Americans it’s o.k. to worry about silly little insignificant things.


Why the switcharoo?

Many negative inferences can be drawn from the cover-switching practice:

  • Media is censored in America
  • Americans are too dumb to understand world problems
  • Americans don’t care about world problems
  • The media is afraid Americans may copy their global neighbors

That last one, “media is afraid Americans may copy their global neighbors”, is big. Comparing the December issues, what is different between the American and international versions is the topic of conflict.


Media doesn’t want to start fights that would end sales

American Media knows how powerful it is. It censors the Occupy Wall Street movement for a reason: it doesn’t want to slow business.

Conflict is bad for business. Suppressors lose money when their victims rebel against them. That’s why you don’t see any hard-hitting journalism and in-depth reports anymore on TV; the Disney-owned ABC news network instead presents inconsequential stories that do nothing but encourage you to keep sitting on your butt and watching their channel and buying their products.


Be weary of news from corporate-owned media

When media giants like ABC or TIME bring up a topic in their news stories, ask yourself, what topics did they choose to ignore? Is there anything more important happening in the world now that they are not reporting, and why?

Thanks to David Airey for the cover comparison.