Woman Stored Alien Corpse Inside Her Refrigerator for 2 Years

A Russian woman claims she found an alien corpse from a crash site in 2009, and had been storing it in her refrigerator ever since.

She says she snapped these photos before two men from the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to her home to confiscate the body:

Is it real, or a hoax?

It’s likely a hoax. Look at the stiff, twig-looking arm. The creature wouldn’t have been able to pick anything up when it was alive.

The face, well that looks fake too. It could have been carved from styrofoam with pieces of watermelon rinds glued on top.

The refrigerator would not have been cold enough to preserve the alien’s flesh for two years. Anyone who has left meat in the fridge for a couple weeks knows how quickly tissue breaks down and grows bacteria.

We want to believe

Although some alien crash incidents are very believable, this one can be easily excused as a hoax. The Russian woman may have came up with the idea after hearing about the alleged alien mummy that was discovered recently in Peru.