World’s Most Powerful Laser to Tear the Vacuum of Space

A laser beam blasting a pipe.

A team of European scientists are working on the biggest doomsday project to come out of the laboratory since the Large Hadron Collider: the most powerful laser in the world.

The laser will be so powerful that it will bring forth conditions that are not even present in the sun. The laser’s intensity would be equivalent to all of the energy Earth receives from the sun except focused onto a small point no bigger than the head of a pin.

It will be 200 times more powerful than the best lasers that exist today and suck up a whopping 200 petawatts of power; that’s more than 100,000 times the world’s current worldwide electricity production. Because of this enormous energy requirement, the laser’s gigantic batteries will require an ample amount of time to charge before use.

What will the laser find?

Scientists are certain the laser will tear a hole into the vacuum of space. That part’s for sure. But what they’re also predicting is that it will open up extra dimensions.

It’s believed that our universe is just one of many in what is known as the multiverse. Everything that exists and can exist is contained within the multiverse, and our universe is just one of the trillions of other possible universes.

The significance of other dimensions is the likelihood of other life. By peeking into our neighboring dimensions, we may be able to find evidence of alien existence. And if a powerful laser is all that’s needed to jump dimensions, it’s very likely that aliens have already developed the technology needed to do so and have been dropping into our universe for visits.

Will the laser unexpectedly bring an end to the universe?

The False Vacuum doomsday scenario states that if the universe does not exist in the lowest possible energy state then a disruption in the vacuum would spread along the entire fabric of space and pop the universe like a balloon, destroying everything.

This laser will tear a hole into the vacuum of space, but scientists claim it will not be powerful enough to cause the False Vacuum doomsday scenario. Still, since it has never been done before, no one can be certain of the consequence.

Why build such a powerful laser in the first place?

The purpose of the experiment is to find “ghost particles”, small particles that mysteriously come in and out of existence. No one knows where the particles go when they disappear, but alternate dimensions is a good bet. When the laser focuses on a point in space, ghost particles around that point are predicted to mass together and stay in existence long enough for them to be observed and recorded.

Let’s hope the laser experiments find these particles without leaving us ghosts as well.


2 thoughts on “World’s Most Powerful Laser to Tear the Vacuum of Space

  1. Eli Motionless 11/11/2011, 8:24 am:

    I do not believe such a thing would be built for something so small as "ghost particles" . They could find other more safer methods to find them.
    Why go with one that's so extreme ? They shouldn't ever fire this laser out into space because there's too much to risk .
    If our human race is at stake then, there should no doubt that they must not do it.

    Even if there is a possibility to go into other realms and discover new dimensions, there's a huge chance that it will not work .
    If this is really going to happen and this thing is actually real, we should seriously look at what we're doing here .

    Because seriously, would we really want to risk our lives for something so small ? I do believe there is deeper meaning to this conspiracy theory, but we don't want to put everything at risk over some "ghost particles", do we ?

    • ANON 02/13/2012, 10:56 am:

      its just the some of the stuff that people will do these days. Going to the extreme in other words