Dan Rather Finally Says It: Big Money Owns the News

Professional journalist Dan Rather.

One of the last old-fashioned hard-hitting journalists, Dan Rather, said in a recent speech that the state of news today is “upside down and backwards.”

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movements, Rather called for a return to no-nonsense news reporting and suggested the only way it could happen was by independent journalists.

He went on to say that,

Of course freedom of the press and of speech both come with pitfalls. People can peddle opinions as if they were facts. Those armed with the big, expensive megaphones drown out those blowing whistles.

But now, we see our fellow citizens taking to the streets. And, that my friends, is our cue to get back to work. As the People of our nation begin rising up, they expect the business of news to be about inquiry and accountability.

And, luckily for us, we can still do that … but it may not be within the confines of big corporate media. As you know, we are living in an age when big money owns everything … including the news.

Rather admits what we feared all along: Big money owns everything, including the news.