Quantum Entanglement Could Lead to Real-life Voodoo

Scientists accomplished linking two diamonds by using the mysterious process of quantum entanglement. The science is so unknown that Einstein himself called it “spooky action at a distance.”

The basic explanation of quantum entanglement is this: An action performed on one object will affect the other object. Before this latest experiment, scientists were only able to entangle very small particles. Entangling large objects like diamonds is a huge breakthrough that will lead the way to bigger and bigger objects becoming entangled.

Is it possible to entangle humans?

If atoms can be entangled, and diamonds, can humans be as well? If so, it would likely spell the end of free civilization and bring about a new world order. Humans could be forced to become entangled to an object at birth, (think voodoo doll) and forever be under the control of a master.

Hypothetically, an entire army of people could become entangled and ruled by a single person. If anyone disobeyed their ruler, everyone would share in the same suffering.

Another possibility is that ruthless dictators could link all the members of a single family to one object. If a family member tried to escape, he and his whole family would be instantly killed. This is an actual punishment being carried out in North Korea today. If a family member escapes or makes an attempt to, his family is usually killed or sent to a concentration camp to die.

Science must not lead to enslavement

As the science of quantum entanglement becomes more weildy, society must stand watchful against encroachment of their freedoms by law and government. Little by little, companies will persuade government officials to pass laws that will allow control of entanglement. The final step will be an intentional and coordinated national emergency that will give corporate-owned government officials emergency powers to control the public as they wish. At that moment, the New World Order will be born.


One thought on “Quantum Entanglement Could Lead to Real-life Voodoo

  1. Grace 12/27/2011, 5:20 pm:

    Everything is already entangled to some degree. One of the consequences of various ways that the universe will be thrown off kilter by planetary and other events in 2012 is that the barriers, which God set up sometime around when he made people, that prevent this entanglement from being used against people will be broken and quantum entanglement can be used against everyone. God can still protect you from being entangled after this but you have to ask after the breakdown because He’s polite about not directly involving Himself in people’s lives against their free will, so if you want to be protected from this and other events please ask, and you will be safe.