Scientists Bringing Back the Mammoth

I'm bringin' mammoth back. Yeah!

Japan and Russia are teaming up to bring the mammoth back to life after a 10,000 year hiatus from existence.

Well-preserved bone marrow extracted from a frozen mammoth in Siberia will be used in combination with modern elephants to welcome the giant into the 21st century.

Dinosaurs to come next?

If we can bring mammoths back to life, why not a T-rex? Because the mammoths’ very close relative, the elephant, is still alive today. Elephant DNA is very similar to mammoth DNA and needed to perform the revival procedure.

Dinosaurs, on the other hand, have no close living relative. Yeah, it’s true that birds are related to dinosaurs, but the DNA similarities aren’t close enough to be compatible with each other. So that’s a big problem.

Another thing going against dinosaurs is the absence of fresh dino DNA. There isn’t a solid supply of DNA for scientists to draw from, so they have nothing to work with. Maybe a breakthrough in the future will bring us walking with dinosaurs again, but for now the prospect is bleak.